Flimsy Friday

It’s Flimsy Friday here, and I have a flimsy to show you. My week has been a little slow in the sewing room. I’ve been having trouble getting motivated. So yesterday I just made myself make progress on something.

I got to work on my Spring Paws, which I began working on back in May. You can read about it here. The fabric is a fat-eighth bundle of Dixie by Cluck Cluck Sew that came in a Sew Sampler Box from The Fat Quarter Shop (no affiliate). I didn’t have a pattern for this little quilt. It measures approximately 30″ x 30″.

Flimsy Friday - Spring Paws Quilt - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Here’s another view, a little closer.

Flimsy Friday - Spring Paws Quilt View 2 - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Now I need to find a backing for this quilt, and then decide how I want to quilt it. I think I have enough fabric left over to do a pieced binding, if I decide to use it.

So I count the work on Spring Paws as a little progress on a UFO this week. One step closer to being done, and the bright fabrics are fun to sew with during this season!

The Quilter’s Planner Sampler Sew Along

It has been a busier week for me outside of my quilt room, so that has slowed me down a bit. I did get the January block made for The Quilter’s Planner Sampler Qiult Sew Along.

Flimsy Friday - January Block for The Quilter's Planner Sampler Quilt Sew Along - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Will I get all the blocks done?  I really haven’t even decided the colors of the quilt yet. These fabrics just came together, and I sewed up the block. Sometimes that’s how I roll! All of the fabrics are from my stash. The center fabric is an Amy Butler that I’ve had for a few years and have been using bit by bit. The rest are all just scraps, so I have no information on what fabric they are, with the exception of the top pink triangle, which is Kona Pink Flamingo.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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This and That Wednesday

This and that. My week of projects has been like that — a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

I thought I’d have a really productive weekend. It was quiet, and we had an extra day with the holiday on Monday. I apparently have hit a bit of an impasse with my quilting, because I got very little done on this long weekend.

Quilt Alongs I’ve Joined

I’ve decided to do the Squiggles Quilt Along with Christa Watson. There’s still time to join us on this fun, easy quilt. I’ll be using some Alison Glass Sunprint fabric and some of her text fabric for my version of Squiggles. This is the picture I posted on Instagram, with my Quilter’s Planner in the background.

This and That Wednesday - Squiggles QAL fabric - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I’m ready to begin sewing that together soon.

I’m also in the Regatta QAL hosted by Home Sewn by Us. I haven’t gotten all of my fabric for this one yet. I’ll post pictures once I’m working on the quilt. I may end up making two, because I’m being very indecisive about fabric!

Two friends and I decided we would all work on the Gypsy Wife pattern by Jen Kingwell. The three of us get together to stitch each month, so this will be fun. I’m going scrappy (I think) with mine. I have the book, but nothing to show yet!

I told you I was having a very non-productive weekend.

UFO #4

Last Friday I posted about UFO #5. However, I haven’t shown #4 until now. Actually I wasn’t going to post about it, because there’s just so much about it I don’t love. Except the verse on the quilt.

This and That Wednesday - Sampler view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I began working on this sampler back in November of 2016 and you can read about that here. I decided to hand quilt it, and I’m not sure why. In the end, I would have been happier with machine quilting.

Here’s the verse in a closer view. The only reason I like it is because this verse makes me chuckle.

This and That Wednesday - Sampler Verse - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

This and That Wednesday - Sampler Verse - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Truly, there are days like that in my house!

Gotta Start Somewhere

In other news, I decided to try free motion again. Now that I have a new machine, it’s time for me to learn. I pulled out this floral fabric, made a quilt sandwich, and just played around with quilting around the edges of the flowers. This view doesn’t look too bad. There were other places that got a bit jerky.

This and That Wednesday - free motion quilting practice - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

And there you are, a little of this and a little of that.

Hope you are enjoying some productive quilting mojo in your neck of the woods!

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Maine Mini UFO

My Maine Mini UFO is finally done, and I’m excited to show it to you today.

Back in September, BigJ and I celebrated our 30th anniversary, taking a trip to Boston and Maine. Most of our time was spent at this gorgeous cabin in Maine.

Maine Mini UFO - our cabin for the stay - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

As we prepared for the trip, BigJ said, “You need to design some quilt blocks and make a quilt about our trip.” I think he meant a bigger quilt than the one I made, but he’s decently impressed with the mini. So it’s all good.

During the time we were preparing to go, I had been following Kitty at Night Quilter and her outings with her kids which resulted in her Summer Adventures Quilt. It’s worth taking a minute to go visit Kitty, not only because her quilt is amazing, but the idea behind the design of the quilt is really cool. I wish I had thought of it when my kids were little! So Kitty’s quilt inspired me to give this little mini a go.

Maine Mini UFO - Full Mini Photo - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Initially, I was going to meticulously draw out each block and then obediently stitch it up according to plan. Heh. I didn’t want to waste that much brain power, so I decided to wing it. And what fun I had.

Seriously, it was just me, my fabric, thread and sewing machine. Toss in a little music, and I was good to go. No rulers allowed, except for trimming seams and blocks. I had a rough sketch or idea of what I wanted to do for each block. From there, I just cut fabric and stitched it together freestyle.

Each of the four blocks is a memory of something we did or saw on the trip. Each block is 4″ x 6″ and the full quilt measures 8.5″ x 21″.

Maine Mini UFO - Sailboat block - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I made the sailboat first because it was easy. I decided to make the water out of scraps of blue and kept the sky a solid. That carried through to each of my blocks. This block reminds us of our view from the cabin, the boats on the water that we watched each day — sailboats, lobster trawlers, speedboats and others.

Maine Mini UFO - Mountain Block - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The second block crosses state lines a bit. It is actually a memory of our drive to Mount Washington in New Hampshire, with mountains in the background and trees in the foreground. However, we saw much of that in Maine too, like when we visited Acadia National Park. The navy fabric around the base of the trees in the block is actually one of the very first pieces of quilt fabric I ever purchased. It has moose on it (which are a little difficult to see), and it’s a nod to the Moose Crossing signs we saw on our drive.

After making the first two blocks, I stalled out for a bit. I had the other two blocks in mind and roughly sketched (to remind me what I wanted to do). I didn’t get them done until this last week, and that’s where the UFO part comes in.

Maine Mini UFO - Lobster Block - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The third block was the most difficult of the blocks for me to make. It didn’t really turn out quite like I imagined it would, although I like it enough. The lobster is sitting on a plate (work with me here, some plates are square-ish) on the picnic table on our deck, which looked out over the water and to the green hills on the other side of the bay. This block is the whole reason why I’m explaining each block to you. Ha!

Maine Mini UFO - Lobster Buoy Block - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Last of all are the lobster buoys. These three mimic the ones hanging in our cabin, but we also saw buoys peppered all over the water in the bay. We were continually amazed at how the boats could buzz through them without tangling them all up. Clearly we know very little about lobster trapping, etc.

I decided to do wavy line quilting in the water and straight-ish lines for the rest of the parts of each block. I didn’t get too fussy and just let the lines fall organically. I did leave some parts of the blocks without quilting, like the boat and the buoys.

Maine Mini UFO - quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Maine Mini UFO - more quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The sashing as well as the backing fabric were purchased while on the trip. The rest of the fabrics are from my stash. The lobster was fussy cut from the backing fabric, which you can see here.

Maine Mini UFO - Quilt Back View, almost - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Oops, that’s Max reminding me of what he thought of us being gone two weeks. Let’s try that again.

Maine Mini UFO - Full Quilt Back View - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

All that’s left is to make a label. This little mini will go on my mini quilt wall once I get that up and going. This is my fifth UFO finish for the year.

Have you made a quilt to remember a trip you’ve taken? I’d love to hear about it!

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Happy Monday, everyone!


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is my catchup to Throwback Thursday, so I can join in with Sandra’s linky party at Musings of a Menopausal Melon. She’s asking us to post quilts that we made before we were bloggers. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let me show you one of my batik quilts from way back.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, pattern by Judy Martin - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

When I first began quilting, I used batiks often because I enjoyed the way the fabrics blended together. I bought this fabric as a bundle, if I remember correctly. I cannot recall where I bought it, but it was a local quilt shop.

The pattern is called Thunderstruck and it’s from the book Piece’n’Play Quilts by Judy Martin. The book gives instructions for the blocks, then encourages playing with the arrangement until you come up with something you like. You can follow the suggested layouts in the book, or you can do your own thing.

I worked on this quilt at one of the first quilt retreats I ever went to. Late one night, I mustered up my courage to put my blocks up on a design wall. Putting blocks up on a design wall with no pattern to follow was intimidating enough. Then I heard a woman behind me say, “Is it supposed to look like that?” I just turned and smiled. I worked on it just a bit longer, then took down the blocks and went to bed. It makes me chuckle now; it wasn’t funny then.

I still like the bright colors and the way they play together.

Flashback Friday - block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I took the quilt to Connie, and she used a swirly pattern with a varigated thread.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

For the back, I found a backing that was kind of homely on its own, but worked well with the quilt.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, back view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The quilt is lap size, and perfect for snuggling under during a movie.

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Enjoy your weekend, friends!



Another Little Project

Another little project — but not a UFO! Can you believe it?! I actually decided to make a new project this week, and I’m pretty happy with it.

When my Quilter’s Planner arrived, it came with a Pattern Supplement brimming with several really beautiful projects. One of the little projects caught my eye — the Zippy Pouch, and I’ve been itching to make it.

Another Little Project - Zippy Pouch, pattern by Karin Jordan and shown in The Quilter's Planner Pattern Supplement - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The Zippy Pouch was designed by Karin Jordan of Karin Jordan Studios. The pouch is 4″ x 9″ and has a wide base. The pattern was very well done and easy to follow.

The fabrics used are fat quarters and scraps. I’m not sure what the fabric is that I used on the exterior of my pouch. It wasn’t marked when I bought it. I’m wondering if it’s a peppered cotton, or a shot cotton. It was a little fussy to work with because it was very soft and frayed quite a bit. With the exception of the main exterior fabric, all of the fabrics are from my stash.

Once I had the exterior of the bag constructed and added fusible fleece to it, I decided to have some fun with the quilting. I did straight line quilting because I thought it would look great with the design.

Another Little Project - quilting detail, front of pouch - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

While stitching, I used my machine foot to gauge the width of the stitching. Once I got the sides done, I stitched the bottom.

Another Little Project - quilting detail, bottom of pouch - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

When it came to the sides, which are triangular, I changed it up a bit and just following the triangular shape. One side is actually just a tiny bit different from the other, because I got lost in thought and accidentally changed up the stitching. Ha!

Another Little Project - quilting detail, side view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The interior is very roomy. I will hold all of my colored pencils (I think I have a 72-pencil set). I also like the wide base because it stands up so nicely.

Another Little Project - inner pouch view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The zipper was a bit tricky because my zipper was quite a bit longer than 9 inches. However, the pattern directions for the zipper are very easy to understand.

So Have I Done Any More UFOs?

Okay, I’ll admit it. Yes. I’ve finished one more — just a bit of hand quilting and binding on a small quilt.

What have you been working on this week? I’d love to hear about it!

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Periwinkle Gem UFO

The Periwinkle Gem is my third UFO I’ve finished this year. I hope you’re not tired of my UFO posts yet, because there may be a few more coming. I will be starting a couple QALs this week, so you may see a little different progress from my sewing room this week!

The history of this quilt begins with a weekend stay in Wisconsin and a stop at a quilt shop in Bayfield. At that shop, I bought a charm pack of Fossil Fern fabrics. It was a huge charm pack, more than the usual 42 squares. It sat in my stash until I saw the Mini Periwinkle tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company. I thought the pattern would work well with the fabrics, so I made a small quilt. Here’s a photo of the top that I took this past year.

Periwinkle Gem - quilt top before finishing - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The top sat on my shelf for quite awhile. Since I hadn’t made it for any specific purpose, I was in no rush to finish it.

This quilt top was finished before I had my new sewing machine, so I brought it to Connie for quilting. She did a fabulous job, quilting fun spheres in the secondary pattern of the quilt. Now that I have a machine that can handle machine quilting better, I hope to learn to do the smaller quilts on my own.

Periwinkle Gem - quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The quilt measures about 33″ x 38″, just right for a wall hanging or a small baby quilt. I’m not sure which it will be yet. I just enjoy looking at the bright, gemstone colors during these cloudy winter days!

Periwinkle Gem - made using Fossil Fern fabrics (Benartex) and Mini Periwinkle pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

For the backing, I went with the cream fabric, keeping it simple and clean.

Periwinkle Gem - photo of quilt back - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I couldn’t decide on one color for the binding, so I used strips cut from fat quarters of the same fabric. I really like the way the binding turned out.

Periwinkle Gem - binding was made from FQ strips - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Okay, my question for today: How do you prepare physically when you are going to quilt a quilt top? Are there stretches you do beforehand? Do you take breaks while quilting; if so, how often?

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Happy Monday, friends!



Vintage Tumbler

Vintage Tumbler, that’s what I’m calling this quilt. Okay, the quilt top and fabric isn’t really vintage, but it sure feels like it is to me. I’ve had it gathering dust on my shelves long enough. I’m not telling how long. Ha!

Originally this quilt top had an additional cream border, which was supposed to have appliquéd vines and pumpkins. I started this before I had done much appliqué and I was not enjoying it at all. So, I ripped the cream borders off yesterday, and just decided to leave it with the narrow border.

Vintage Tumbler - full view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Not all things match up on the top, and I could’ve been a little more careful with the layout, but I’ve always liked the colors in the quilt. Some of the cream tumbler fabric has sparkles in it. Who doesn’t like sparkles now and then?

I used a backing from my stash. I had just enough, which made me happy. Enough for the quilt, and one more piece off my shelf!

For the quilting, I just decided to keep it simple and follow the line of the tumblers. I had a variegated rusty orange thread in my thread stash, a YLI 40 wt that, thankfully, worked pretty well. I really like the pattern on the back from the quilting.

Vintage Tumblers - back view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Here’s a closer view of the back.

Vintage Tumbler - quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

When I did the quilting, I just stitched from the border all along the tumblers.

Vintage Tumbler - quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Once I finished that stitching, I had the two side borders that needed some stitching, so I just echoed the pattern around the tumblers. It worked out okay, even though the stitching is closer together than on the other blocks. Oh well!

Vintage Tumblers - Side Border Quilting - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Here’s another view, hopefully you can see the border stitching.

Vintage Tumbler - Side Border Detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

And that’s one more UFO done. I’m pretty excited about that!

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First Finishes

First finishes for the new year, a good way to get the year started. I have to admit, though, I picked an easy UFO to finish.

First Finish, a Squirrel!

I really was going to start the year by only tackling my pile of UFOs. Really, I was! But then I saw Curated Quilts request for Minimal Mini Quilts, and thought I would play with that a bit. The colors are given, but any type of fabric can be used. The quilts must be 10″ x 10″ or 16″ x 16″.

Thanks to some quilty friends who sent me some nice bundles of solid fabrics during the IG “Get Your Quilty Wishes Granted” event, I had the colors I needed, so I decided to play a bit.

Here’s my little mini. I likely won’t be submitting it, since it’s not all that great, and it’s just a bit shy of 10″ (I think). It was fun making it, though. The quilting was done with 50 wt Aurifil Dove (#2600). The matchstick quilting took a little time, but I’m happy with the finished look.

First Finishes - Minimal Mini Quilt - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I found it funny that the little quilt perfectly matches my bedspread. That wasn’t planned, and it doesn’t work too well for a backdrop. However, the bedroom happens to have the brightest, best lighting when snapping pictures late at night.

Note: In case you are wondering why in the world a quilter has a bedspread? It’s a transition piece while I wait for the future renovation of our bedroom. Then it will have a quilt!

UFO Finish of 2018

BigJ and I took a road trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario, a few years ago. While there, we stopped at a cute little quilt shop called Circle of Friends. I picked up a bundle of buttery yellow fabrics that I just couldn’t resist.

Having no idea what I was going to do with the fabric, it languished on the shelf. Then one day, I put this quilt together. The top sat and waited to be quilted. I finally ended up taking it to Connie to work her magic.

First Finishes - Gray/Yellow Large Baby Quilt - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

First Finishes - Quilting Detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The quilt is 42″ x 51″. Using no pattern, I just sketched it out and put it together. It took me so long to finish it that I used up the remainder of the gray fabric, which I discovered when I decided to bind it today. Thankfully I had just enough of one of the yellow fabric to eke out a narrow binding. I do usually set aside binding fabric when making a quilt, so I’m not sure why I didn’t do that this time.

I bought the backing at a different time than I bought the bundle. The buttery yellow in the bundle is a difficult color to match, and I picked up the backing without any scraps from the top with me. It works okay, but the yellows aren’t too close. I was glad I didn’t have to use the backing fabric for the binding.

First Finishes - Backing Fabric and Binding - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I have no idea where this quilt will go. True to its history, it will just have to sit for a bit until I decide.

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Happy stitching, friends!


Quilty Confessions

Quilty Confessions time. Okay, I know I said I was taking the week off from posting. However, I have been doing a bit of cleaning and reorganizing in my quilt room and I’m ready to make a confession. Or two. Tish of Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland has encouraged us to finish UFOs in 2018. I didn’t get my post done in time to link up, but I’m going to make a confession anyway.

I have more in common with a squirrel than just a love of nuts. I once put out four pieces of bread on our deck rail. To my amusement, I watched as one of our resident squirrels came and picked up each piece of bread, each time going to a different place in the high branches of multiple trees. He wedged the bread into the intersections where branch meets the trunk. Later in the day, all of the bread disappeared from each of the trees, one at a time.

I can squirrel away projects with the best of them, wedging them in the most amusing places. I intentionally went looking for UFOs, thinking I only had a few. I found them on shelves, in drawers, in bins. I’m pretty sure there are still some hiding that I haven’t unearthed yet. See? That squirrel has nothing on me.

2017 UFOs

So let’s take a look at my cache of UFOs. Rather than describe them with name, etc., I’m just listing the numbers.

  • Large Quilts – 6
  • Mid-Size Quilts – 5
  • Small/Mini Quilts – 12
  • Table Runners – 6
  • Pillows – 4
  • Mugmat – 1

Total UFOs = 44

Some of these have languished so long, they are probably vintage by now. I will admit that part of the reason they were not finished was because of the machine I was using. It was best suited for piecing. The walking foot I used with it was not great, and free motion with it was pretty frustrating. Now that I have a new machine, with an AcuFeed foot (that I love) and a greater ability for me to learn free motion, I can get quite a few of these done quickly (heh – positive thinking, y’know!).

There are a few that I no longer love, so I need to decide what to do with them. I may use them for free motion practice. Learning free motion was a goal of mine for this past year and I found all sorts of ways to ignore that goal. Again, my new machine leaves me with fewer excuses, so we’ll see.

2017 Finishes

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty deflated after I had pulled all of the UFOs out. I had also been reading many of the posts by others listing their accomplishments for 2017 and really felt like I had finished, well, nothing. So I decided to actually tally what I did get done this past year. It was a good thing I did. I completely surprised myself. If you haven’t done a review of your past year, I’d encourage you to do it.

Here’s my tally of 2017. I finished 54 projects in 2017. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Large Quilts – 6
  • Baby Quilts – 4
  • Mini Quilts – 12
  • Pillows – 5
  • Zipper Pouches – 3
  • Totebags – 2
  • MugMats – 10
  • Woolies – 3
  • Little Girls’ Dresses – 5
  • Other Projects – 4

Of those, 22 were given as gifts or specifically made for someone. One was a commission. One was a challenge quilt for our quilt group for The 70273 Project.

I participated in 5 Quilt Alongs, and three of those quilts were finished this year.

I also participated in two blog events, 12 Days of Christmas in July and the New Quilt Bloggers’ Blog Hop. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to do them again this year.

I may have squirreled away projects, but it’s been a good quilty year for me. The best reward, however, is getting to know all of you better through my blog and your comments. You have become friends, and have enriched my life. For that I am so grateful!

I might have to start a regular post called The Squirrel Diaries, dedicated to getting those UFOs done!

Here’s to a productive 2018, my friends!


Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is my 200th post. I’m a little surprised. I have to give credit to my son for encouraging me to begin a blog. He still cheers me on, as do the rest of my family. I sure appreciate all of you, my friends, who take the time to read my ramblings and watch the progress of my projects. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I hope you have some tea or coffee in hand while you read today. I’ll show you my pillow project in a minute, but first I wanted to show you one of my favorite Christmas cookies. Those who know me will find this interesting, because they know I love chocolate. But when Christmas comes around, I like to make a batch of these.

Pillow Talk - Mint Snowball Cookies - piecefulthoughts.com

They are called Mint Snowballs, small little cookies covered with mint frosting and topped with coconut. You can find the recipe here. (This isn’t the recipe I use, since I was raised in South Dakota and mine has been handed down through our family, but the recipe is exactly the same.)

After all that baking, we’ll probably need a nap. Before you nod off, let me show you my pillow project.

Recently I picked up a copy of the November/December issue of Modern Patchwork magazine. In it, I found the pattern for the following pillow.

Pillow Talk - Fall Migration Pillow pattern by Heather Kojan from Modern Patchwork magazine, Nov/Dec 2017 issue - piecefulthoughts.com

It’s a pattern named “Fall Migration Pillows” by Heather Kojan.

For my pillow, I used a marbled teal fabric by Jan Patek that I have had in my stash for awhile. The flying geese were made from Maureen Cracknell’s Garden Dreamer line.

The pillow goes together quickly; the flying geese are paper pieced. Once I had the top together, I added some fusible fleece to the back and got started quilting. For the flying geese, I just added a line of stitching just inside each one using a coordinating thread.

Pillow Talk - Detail quilting, Fall Migration Pillow pattern by Heather Kojan from Modern Patchwork magazine, Nov/Dec 2017 issue - piecefulthoughts.com

Then I decided to do straight line stitching for the rest of the pillow, using my sewing foot as a guide.

Pillow Talk - Detail quilting, Fall Migration Pillow pattern by Heather Kojan from Modern Patchwork magazine, Nov/Dec 2017 issue - piecefulthoughts.com

I didn’t have thread that matched exactly, so I used Aurifil Grey (#2605) 50 wt. I’m happy with the way it turned out.

The back is just a simple envelope backing. The pillow finishes at 18 inches.

So that’s my Friday finish. One of my next projects is to join with Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland and pull out all of my UFOs, list and categorize them, and work on finishing them this coming year. Will you be joining along?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, my friends! Enjoy your time with your family and friends. I’ll be taking the next week off, so we’ll see you in 2018!

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