Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I mentioned in my last post that we had a winter storm brewing. It came, snowing furiously for much of Wednesday into Thursday.

Late Wednesday, about 8 inches of snow on the table
Late Wednesday, about 8 inches of snow on the table

A snowstorm at this time of year is pretty short-lived. It comes, messes up traffic, gives us one more exercise at shoveling, and then is gone when the warmer spring sun comes out.

Thursday late afternoon
Thursday late afternoon

While the storm came through, I curled up in my favorite chair, watched multiple episodes of Poldark on Masterpiece Theatre, and stitched up the March Block of the Month from River’s Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft. Each month this cute little quilt shop posts a free woolie block of the month on its website and Facebook page. It’s only free during its month; after that you have to pay to download it. So if you like it, go get it — quick! Honestly, it’s cuter when done than I thought it would be.

FullSizeRender (2)

While still working on the superheroes quilt, I decided to take a day off from it and just do something fun. I had this cute quilt kit from a LQS with a mini charm pack from Moda that I have been itching to make. I actually downsized it a bit because I have a particular spot I want to use it.

It's lighter in this picture than it really is -- the green border is more of a bright olive
It’s lighter in this picture than it really is — the green border is more of a bright olive

Today will be a quiet day at home. I’ll be doing some quilting, of course. Tonight we will go to a Tennebrae service at our church, to mark the beginning of our Easter weekend.

Happy Stitching!



Catching Up

Well, as much as I’d like to say that my weekend was spent celebrating International Quilt Weekend, that hasn’t been the case. I had a busy weekend outside of the quilt cave. I did get a good day in today, however, so I made up for it, I guess.

I’ve made progress on the superhero quilt. Not much to show, since I’m in the slow process of piecing. It needs to be accurate, but I’m trying not to let my perfectionism get the best of me on this one. Sometimes I can get just a little too fussy and it ruins all the fun. The next step will be to play with the layout — the fun part!

A whole stack of fussy cuts!

My batik quilt is done and ready for binding, which I finished tonight. I’ll post a picture after I’ve given it to my friend. I can’t wait to give it to her — hope she likes it! Here’s a little sneak peek.

Getting the binding ready

For the rest of the week I hope to get some design instructions typed up and on their way. I also need to get my woolie BOM done for March since April is right around the corner.

We have another winter storm headed our way for tomorrow and Thursday. I’m ready to hole up in the quilt cave while the snow flies! I thought it was interesting that my Facebook memory for today was a snowstorm last year that left about 11 inches on our deck. We’ll see if there’s a repeat.

Oh, and of course, there are my elephants!!

Happy quilting!


Thursday Snippets

Pictures of solitude speak volumes, don’t you think? When the picture shows someone alone, I often wonder what they are pondering, what has brought them to that place. This picture was taken awhile ago, but it is one of my favorites. Not because of the quality of the shot, but because I wonder what stories the chair could tell.


As much as I enjoy the solitude of a quiet day at home, the weekend it was too nice to stay indoors so we took a drive and ended up at this charming little covered bridge.

There was a little quilt shopping  involved in the road trip, of course. I indulged myself and picked up a few things. I’m looking forward to giving these a try.

Time for a new phone. All my pictures come out fuzzy. Might have something to do with dropping it too many times. 🙂

As if to offset the beautiful weekend, Monday morning brought overcast gray skies and rain. My son was unexpectedly given the day off, so we took advantage of the rainy day and decided to connect with one another over breakfast. It was a nice way to begin the day.


Despite the rain, the temps continue to be above average for this time of year.Soon I will be seeing these bright pops of color on my deck and around my yard.


For now, I am happy to see open water and the brown ground that will soon give way to lush green and bright sunshine. Some of the trees are even beginning to bud!

This makes me think of the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees”. It also has me thinking quilt patterns.

Happy Thursday!


Quilts and Home

This week had me thinking about transitions once again. The past year has felt like a steady wave of transitions in our family with job changes, college transitions, living transitions. One thing that stays true amidst all of the transitions, thankfully, is home. Home for me is a refuge from all the to and fro of life. It’s not only the structure and the people, but also the memories.

I have quilts from quite a few of my family members. The colors, the texture, the story behind the fabrics used, all give me comfort and remind me of other homes and the people who loved well. This quilt was handstitched and handquilted by my great grandmother. Something she made is here, in my home, with me. And even though I never knew her, I feel the love through the quilt.

Fabrics date this quilt in the year 1880. Border fabric possibly hand dyed.

This has been a busy week, and it’s been a challenge to get into my quilt cave and get anything done. So here’s the rundown on my quilt projects.

Superhero Quilt – still working on it, doing the same thing as last week. I think I’m being overly fussy with it, so it’s taking me longer than it normally would take me to get any progress made.

Elephant Quilt – the ellies are coming along pretty well. I had to set them aside for a bit to get a few other things done. I only have 8 or so left to do. Can’t wait to get this to my longarmer — she has a plan for them and it’s going to be really fun.


Creativity Challenge– I’m still working on my smash journal. I can’t seem to get the page filled up satisfactorily. Our new challenge has been to read poetry and to illustrate a phrase from a poem we read. I haven’t decided on mine yet, but I have some ideas. In the meantime, I’ve been doodling and coloring.


New Stuff – I’m doing some designing for my brother and sister-in-law’s business, What A Hoot Quilting. This is my first whack at this kind of thing, and it’s kinda fun. The instruction writing is rather tedious, I’ll admit.

There’s a baby shower coming up, and I have something in mind for that, so I’ll need to get at that soon.

And there’s a wedding come up (for a friend of my daughter’s) and quilt talks are in the works for that.

Today I’m off to quilt with a couple of friends, which will be delightful. Tomorrow I’ll visit a local quilt show. It should be a great weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!



Thursday Snippets

So what do I do throughout the week when I’m not in quilt mode? I thought I’d give you a few snippets of what I’m up to.

I’m a homebody. There’s no place I’d rather be. Home is my haven. It’s the people I share it with and the memories of people who have impacted my life. It’s lazy afternoons, with sunshine and shadows. Naps under quilts, old and new. Hugs. Laughter. The soft purr and warmth of my cat curled on my lap.

Sunshine and shadows

I do occasionally leave my house and venture out. To my small town. Beautiful even on overcast days (and in fuzzy pictures).


Much of the water around here is still crusted with ice. However, we do have some places where the water is flowing. Freely. Turbulently. Kinda like life, sometimes.


Today is a good day. Things in my life are not quite so turbulent as they were earlier this week. Good or bad, one blissful thing I have in life is home. Oh, and coffee — beautiful, artful, coffee for me to enjoy. One blissful sip at a time.

Bliss in a cup. Vanilla latte.

A few snippets of my life. To share with you.


WIP Week

This week has been a little less productive than last week, just continuing to stitch my WIPs. There have been trips to some local quilt shops to get fabric I needed and, of course, some that I maybe didn’t. Truly, though, I did behave myself pretty well.

I did get a little bit of designing done this week. I’m old school and really enjoy drawing my designs on graph paper. Hopefully you’ll see what I’ve come up with soon.


My primary work this week has been on a quilt for a friend with a superhero theme. No big progress to show you, but you can imagine that the quilt is colorful. Things are going well, and I’ve even used some of my superpowers to do some ripping.


I have managed to do a little organizing of my quilt cave. I reorganized my fabric shelves, which always ends up taking longer than I anticipate because I find fabrics and get distracted thinking about how to use them. Then I want to quit reorganizing and start on them, but I can’t because there is fabric. Everywhere. Good thing my space is small because I’m forced to finish the task before I can do any quilting.

A highlight of my week was the hubs finishing off the hallway by getting the closet doors installed.

IMG_3808 (1)

He made these — aren’t they amazing!?! I love them! My messy closet is no longer on display for all to see. And the cat didn’t take any more explorative tours, so things are good here. My scratches are healing nicely too.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show you next week. Keep on stitching, friends!