Mini Quilt Fun

Have you ever participated in a quilt swap, either online or in person? They really are quite fun. I think what I enjoy most is getting to know another person. When I get the little bio that my partner fills out, I find it fun to see if I can create something that will match what he/she likes.

Here are a few that I’ve made.

This is the first one I made. It is a combination of quilting and wool appliqué. I was so nervous about this one — it was a little out of my color zone and I was tweaking a pattern. I had no idea whether the recipient would like it or not. It was machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  I really did have fun making it.


Here’s my second one. This was a pattern for a block I found online and I just made one block into a mini quilt. I used batiks, which are a favorite of mine. This one is machine pieced and hand quilted. I was much more confident when making this one.


And one more. My confidence had definitely grown with this one. I made up the pattern, used 3D pinwheel blocks, took a try at appliqué, lots of curves on those flowers. This was machine pieced and hand quilted. I hand quilted all of them because I was too chicken to machine quilt them.


So there’s a little throwback Thursday fun from my end of the world.

What about you? Have you participated in a swap? Did you enjoy it?

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Pieceful Monday

Ahh . . . home! I am happily slurping coffee and reading through emails and quilting blogs and enjoying a quiet Monday morning at home. We have been on the road again over the weekend, with a short trip to Wisconsin (a working weekend).

I’m amazed at my quilting friends and how much they accomplish while I’m doing other things! It’s so much fun to come home and catch up on their blogs.

As for me, I did get most of the blocks for my Mt. Hood quilt finished. The next step will be to play with layout, then stitch them together. The border for the quilt has smaller blocks, which I haven’t started on yet. Perhaps today. No pictures of my progress, I’m sorry to say. I haven’t been home long enough!

One other little project I did get done with this little Christmas ornament. This is from Kim Diehl’s Simple Christmas Tidings book. I was given this book just a bit ago, and I was just itching to make something from it. This little project fit the bill with the time I had!

FullSizeRender (2)

Kim has a really simple method to putting this little star together. While she uses organza ribbon for the loop, I used a cute little measuring tape ribbon I had. I thought it added a fun touch.

This week will be another busy one, but thankfully busy from home. I will be able to get some stitching done, so look for updates on my progress later this week.

Happy Monday!


On the Road Again

Last weekend, we decided to do something a little out of my comfort zone. We took a road trip, of 1800 miles. That isn’t the part that was out of my comfort zone, although admittedly my body doesn’t enjoy long hours in the car much anymore.

A few years ago we came across an indie folk artist by the name of Holly Arrowsmith. She is a young woman from New Zealand. We enjoy her music, so when we found out she was touring the U.S. and would be in Wyoming, we decided to go see her.

The closest location for us was Lander, a cute little town located in central Wyoming. Approximately 900 miles, one way. We gazed at much of this beautiful landscape on our travels.


It was a house concert. Have you ever been to one of those? They are small, intimate affairs. And that was a little out of my comfort zone. Upon arrival, it had the feeling of walking up to someone’s house and saying, “Hi, mind if we sit in?”

The house, located up on some foothills, was amazing and had spectacular views. Here’s the view as I stepped out of the car.

We are above the town of Lander. You can’t see it in this picture, it’s just below that little rise in the foreground.

The hosts were a delightful, welcoming couple who had offered up their home for the concert. All told, about 35-40 people gathered on their deck to hear Holly and Zach Winters, another indie artist.

Zach and his wife sharing their music with us.

It was a relaxing evening, listening to great music while we watched the sun set below the mountains. Outside, no bugs, nice weather, friendly people, good music. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We were able to visit with Holly and her husband for a bit afterwards. Once we explained where we were from, she was a little amazed that we were drive as far as we did to come and see her. She is a quiet, humble person, who just wants to share her music. We enjoyed hearing her share her thoughts about her songs.

I didn’t take any stitching along on the trip. I thought about it, but because I was finishing up the sample pieces and getting them mailed, I didn’t make it a priority to bring anything along. I needed the break, and I wanted to spend time with my husband and daughter. I don’t think I could’ve concentrated on sewing if I’d wanted to.

I have today and tomorrow to get some stitching in before another busy weekend with more driving (shorter trip, this time). Since I’ve been in sight of the mountains, I think that today I will do some stitching on my Mt. Hood Nickel quilt. I need to get some more blocks done so you don’t have to keep seeing this picture!


It’s going to be hot, hot, hot here for the next few days, so it’s a perfect excuse to hide in my quilt cave.

Happy Quilting!


All In, All Done!

Well, today is mailing day! I have just a few finishing touches to put on this little fella, package everything up, and ship it off to my sister-in-law for her open house.

FullSizeRender (9)

Just a few more embellishments, and this pincushion is done!

The wedding quilt is all finished! The happy couple had their wedding last weekend, and the quilt will be given to them when they return from their honeymoon. If you didn’t see the reveal in this post, here’s a picture of the completed quilt.


So, all of my deadline projects have been completed! What’s up next? Much as I hate to say it, the first order of business is to clean up the quilt cave.

Here is part of my to-do list of projects:

Get the elephant quilt to my longarm friend, Connie.


While I’m there, bring this one too.

IMG_3786 (1)

Work on my Mt. Hood blocks.


Maybe play some more with the New York Beauty minis.


That’s just a few things on my list! I’m traveling the rest of this week, so we’ll see you Monday!

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Pieceful Monday

It will be a quiet week quilt-wise. Most of my week will be spent in the car. I really should organize some sewing to bring along, but most of my handwork projects are completed.

Today I’m finishing up the samples for my sister-in-law’s Christmas in July open house. Here’s a peek at the project I’m finishing today. This is a pattern from Plays with Wool Designs. Cute, huh?


I’ll finish these fellows up today, then I have a pincushion to do. Once that project is done, I’ll pack it up and get it on its way. Phew!

What’s up for the rest of the week? A road trip, with our daughter, to a concert by Holly Arrowsmith. Should be fun!

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Big Finish Friday

Well, happy Friday, everyone! It’s been quite the week here in this neck of the woods, with a nasty storm rolling through mid-week. We were fortunate to only have lost our power (for almost 24 hours); we didn’t lose any trees or have any property damage as some of our friends did.

During that quiet 24 hours, I stitched the binding on the wedding quilt. I was able to get the binding on the quilt the day before the storm, so all that was left was to finish the binding by hand. Perfect for no electricity days.

Binding is so much easier with those little clips!

So here are a few pictures of the quilt. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the bride had chosen the color family and pattern. I just took it from there. The wedding is this weekend; the quilt will go to the couple after they return from their honeymoon.

This is a queen size quilt. The picture doesn’t give a good idea of the size of the quilt, except that my husband is holding it up and he is 6’6″ tall — if that puts it in perspective.


Here are a couple of close-ups of the quilting.



And the back, really showing off the wonderful quilting by Turnberry Lane.


Can’t wait to hand it off to the newlyweds!

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Throwback Thursday

I spent much of the day yesterday pondering how dependent on electricity I am, mainly because I didn’t have any. Much of my day consisted of three things — hand stitching, reading and naps. The naps weren’t planned, but were a natural occurrence due to getting up at 5 a.m., stitching the binding on a queen size quilt in a hot and humid house, and reading drowsiness.

Here’s a peek at the binding I stitched between naps. Yes — that’s the wedding quilt being finished, and just in time — the wedding is this weekend!


Today is Throwback Thursday. Four years ago this week, we had two weddings. One here in Minnesota (July 6th) and one in Canada (June 30). I remember both of them because they were family weddings, but also because it was one crazy road trip for our family. The quilt shown below was made for the Canadian wedding, our nephew Adam and his lovely wife, Jenn. They are now parents of little Benny, who is one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever seen.


Look at the quilt, not me goofing around or the lovely background clutter 🙂

Now that the power is back on, it’s back to regular programming today. I’m almost done with the sample stitching for What A Hoot Quilting, so I’ll show you some of those tomorrow.

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Finish It Up Friday

My reveal for today is the finished superhero quilt.

Every quilt is a labor of love, stitching fabric, thread, and memories. In this quilt, memories are stitched in, broken hearts are mended a bit, and bright colors remind us of the Joy within us. At least that is what I hope for this quilt.

This quilt is in memory of a lovely young lady named Rachel. I was privileged to get to know Rachel just a little as she was growing up. She was a very sweet girl, with a twinkle in her eye, and always kind and friendly. Rachel would have turned 23 today. Unbeknownst to her family, Rachel had a heart defect known as Long QT Syndrome; she was taken from them very unexpectedly at the young age of 20.

According to her mom, Rachel loved superheroes and comics, so this quilt is made up of those fabrics. The pattern was chosen for its similarity to a movie reel. Rachel’s mom, Jo, chose the fabric and pattern, intending to make it herself; but life has a way of getting busy, so Jo asked me to make it. I was both humbled and honored that she asked me, and I was happy to do it for both Jo and Rachel.

Here are a few pictures of this bright, lively quilt. I fussy cut both the large squares as well as the setting squares. I pieced the backing from two Spiderman fabrics and tossed in some Batman. Jo did a great job choosing fabrics; they were really fun to play with!


I tried to get a good picture showing the intensity of the colors; it is much brighter than this. There was a slight breeze that day when I took pictures, which made it a little challenging.


The fussy cut large squares.


And the fussy cut setting squares. The quilting is an overall swirl pattern. I think it ties in well with the theme of the quilt. Connie, my longarmer, rocks!


Here’s a close up of the borders and binding.


And the backing.


And last of all, the label. This was taken by Jo; you can really see the bright colors in this shot.


The quilt was given to a family friend who helped Jo through so much after Rachel’s death. He too is a superhero fan, so it seemed fitting that this quilt go to him. I hope he enjoys it.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! Love up your family and friends while we celebrate the 4th!

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