Big Finish Friday

Well, happy Friday, everyone! It’s been quite the week here in this neck of the woods, with a nasty storm rolling through mid-week. We were fortunate to only have lost our power (for almost 24 hours); we didn’t lose any trees or have any property damage as some of our friends did.

During that quiet 24 hours, I stitched the binding on the wedding quilt. I was able to get the binding on the quilt the day before the storm, so all that was left was to finish the binding by hand. Perfect for no electricity days.

Binding is so much easier with those little clips!

So here are a few pictures of the quilt. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the bride had chosen the color family and pattern. I just took it from there. The wedding is this weekend; the quilt will go to the couple after they return from their honeymoon.

This is a queen size quilt. The picture doesn’t give a good idea of the size of the quilt, except that my husband is holding it up and he is 6’6″ tall — if that puts it in perspective.


Here are a couple of close-ups of the quilting.



And the back, really showing off the wonderful quilting by Turnberry Lane.


Can’t wait to hand it off to the newlyweds!

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14 thoughts on “Big Finish Friday”

  1. What a wonderful gift! The right angle quilting looks so good with the triangles. Is Turnberry Lane local to you, or do you have to mail your quilts to them?

    1. Thank you, Louise! Turnberry Lane is local to me (and one of my best friends); however, she will do work through the mail, if you’re interested.

  2. Love the quilt and the quilting. It looks great from the back, which shows off the quilting beautifully. The bride has great taste and knows how to put colors together. That orange is gorgeous mixed in with the blues and grays.

    1. Thanks, Mary! The bride gave me the color palette based off of a Pinterest quilt she had seen. I just built the colors off of them. I’m happy with how it turned out!

  3. It’s a beautiful quilt, both front and back where the stitching shows most. Lucky you finished sewing the binding before the storm. No fun not having electricity but at least you had a project to do!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, I was happy to have some handwork to do; sure made the day go a bit faster.

      1. Nice. I really like oversized blocks and have been collecting ideas for such quilts on Pinterest. I am also thinking it would be fun to take one traditional block and blow it up to lap quilt size with just one block. So many ideas and but not so much time!!

        1. So many ideas, so little time — yes! I keep telling myself I’m just going to work on the projects at hand, but then another idea or project pops up! Haha!

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