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Churn Dash Mini

Churn Dash blocks are one of my favorite quilt blocks to make. The block goes together so quickly and easily, and yet it is so versatile. With a change of just one color, you can completely change the look of the block. Recently I stumbled across a book with a cute little churn dash mini quilt pattern. I got the book for a song, and already had all the fabric in my stash.

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What’s Up Wednesday

I have one little quilt to show you today. Just one. Because all of the other projects I’m working on are for Christmas gifts.

Remember those cute little trees that finished at a whopping 2 inches? I made them into a little mini runner. It’s not perfect by any means, so it will just find a little spot somewhere in the midst of my Christmas decorating (if I ever get my decorating done!).

My initial plan was to put some red into this little project. However, I just couldn’t find the right fit; the red seemed to overwhelm those cute little trees! So I opted to keep it simple and stick with the green, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I can use this throughout the winter season and not feel like it’s a holiday quilt.

I did simple quilting with my walking foot. It shifted a bit more during the quilting process than I wanted, so ignore the puckers.

I can always add some red to it. My winter bird is a little too big, though! The finished size of the quilt is 8″ x 15-1/2″.

This quilt is made from my stash, so the backing is just a piece of polka dot green that was close enough. I used the scraps of the green fabric used on the top for the binding.

And that’s some of what I’ve been working on this week. I have been continuing to clean up my quilting space, and I’m surprised at how much I’m getting accomplished.

One goal for today is to finish and hang a small design wall in my space. I have all the things needed, so I’ll try to show you what I’ve done on Friday.

My other goals for the day are to clean through one more cabinet and get started with Christmas decorations.

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Happy stitching!


Friday Finish

This morning, I have the song California Dreaming going through my head. All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey . . .  The other day I noticed that the oak leaves just outside my kitchen window were the loveliest shade of rust. Today the tree is almost bare. Like the song, the leaves here are quickly turning to brown. Thankfully, today the sky is not grey but a pretty shade of blue. Our neighbor’s tree is still holding on to those lovely rust leaves, however.


My hydrangea tree still has some lovely pink color amidst its changing to the cooler season. The breeze stopped just long enough for me to snap a quick photo.


I began tidying up my scrap bins the other day. This is a tedious process, not to mention distracting.  While I was pulling the scraps out of the bin, I kept finding groups of scraps that I wanted to play with. So now I have a messier table with a few bundles dotting my sewing table here and there.

One little bundle managed to find it’s way into a mini quilt. It was easy to do from start to finish. It measures about 13.5″ square. The blocks are from my scrap bin; the border and backing are fat quarters from my stash. This will be a fun little quilt to tuck into a nook with some Christmas decor, for a sweet little candle mat, or possibly a gift.


I quilted it using a spool of the Aurifil thread (50 wt) that I won recently. I was itching to dig into those spools of thread, so it was fun to find that I had a color that matched.


I made the binding narrow, using a 1.5″ strip. The finished binding edge is about 1/4″-3/8″ wide. Having clips on hand to hold the binding down while stitching made this much easier.


The back of the quilt is the same material as the binding. It’s from a cute little fat quarter that I was given last year.


My other finish for the week is my Autumn table runner; you can read about that here.

California Dreaming is still singing in my head; might be because I’m heading to California soon?

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Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Quilting at the Speed of Life

I woke up this morning around 2:45 am to thunder and incredible lightning. We have had so much rain lately! The Cannon River that flows through our town is running high, sending some of the businesses along that river scrambling to get sandbags in place. We have a little creek in our backyard that feeds into the Cannon, but so far it has stayed within its banks. We are up high enough that it is never a threat, even when it overflows.

The speed of our life this month has been full to overflowing as well. All good things, but definitely keeping us hopping! More on that in a minute, but let’s talk quilting.

My hourglass blocks are still sitting nicely in this little basket.


Yesterday I had appointments in the morning, and then brought Mount Hood over to a friend’s house. Sometimes talking through the next step with a friend helps me think more clearly; two heads are better than one. I have a plan. However, no more work on this quilt until next week; our weekend activity won’t involve quilting.

This weekend will move at a fast pace as we help our daughter relocate for her next job. We are moving her in this weekend, so there will be packing, driving, and unloading. I am so excited for her, and her new place is really charming. So my sewing task for today is working on some bedroom curtains for her. Such is the speed of life, right?

While I’m riding along on our road trip, I hope to give this little table runner some thought. I made it awhile ago, and all that’s left is quilt and bind it. I’d like to practice some FMQ and give it a go on this runner. Maybe I can even do some doodling practice while I’m on the road. If it turns out okay, I plan to give it as a gift.

This picture was taken before I began blogging or even thinking about how to stage a picture. Ignore my busy ironing cover!

And before we know it, the cooler weather will be with us and I’ll be ready to pull out my fall decor. This is a little wool candle mat that I made. I found a leaf in my back yard, photocoped it, cut out the photocopy and used it as a pattern for the leaves. Once I had them on, I added a backing with a little extra on each end that I turned into a binding. Easy peasy.


So no finishes to show today, but I’m making progress, and that’s enough to make me happy dance!

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Friday Finish Review

My big finish for the week is the superhero quilt, but I can’t show the whole quilt to you yet. So — I thought I would do a review of my June finishes today. I’ve worked on quite a few little projects this month.

June started with this trio. Two woolie BOM blocks and a little patriotic mini that is 6″ square.


The patriotic mini is just right for July 4th, so I’ll use it when I decorate today.

I received this fabric from a friend and made this little pouch. It holds my little quilting tools. This is probably my favorite finish of the month. I love the fabric!


Then I pulled out some leftover batik blocks and made this quick runner. I’m not sure whether this will stay with me or be gifted at some point.


I enjoyed a lunch with two friends during the month, and I wanted to bring something for them. So I made two more little pouches. They are so much fun to make, and the ladies were delighted to get them.


We took a trip in June, which took me away from my sewing machine, but I did manage to take this little mug mat with me. I finished it up when I returned home.


I also finished the top for the wedding quilt, which is currently at my longarmer. I hope to have that back soon, ready for binding and then gifting!

So all in all, it’s been a good month! What have you been stitching on this month? I’d enjoy seeing your projects!

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Friday Finish

My week has been a little short on the quilting end, but I do have one little mug rug that I finished today. I bought this fabric in a scrap pack from Reproduction Fabrics because I liked the fabric with the ladies and their umbrellas. I was limited on what I could make due to the size of the scraps, so I put this little mug rug together. I’m freehanding the stitching, and will use the outline of the umbrellas when quilting the print. You’ll see my light blue basting thread in the pictures; I use a bright color when I baste so it’s easier for me to see when I’m removing it.

Here’s a photo of it, basted and partially quilted.


Here’s a close up of the ladies with their umbrellas.


And a little peek at my freehand stitching. See what I did there — an umbrella theme!


Here’s a picture of how I quilted the ladies and their umbrellas. I just picked a few umbrellas and outline stitched them.


And here it is, all finished!


Now that I’m back home, I’m busy working on samples for What a Hoot Quilting that I need to get finished by mid-July. I have several wool projects to do. Nothing I can show you for now, but I am excited to be working on them!

Tonight we are taking some friends to a baseball game, so that will be fun. And it means I don’t have to plan dinner, so I have more time to get some of those projects done!

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WIP Wednesday

Well I’m happy to report I finished the little snowman mini. The binding was a bit of a bear, using 1-1/2″ strips, but I do like the narrow little border. I’m not sure where this mini is headed, whether it will stay with me or be gifted.


My task for the day is to get these fabrics washed and prepped for a wedding quilt. Normally I don’t wash my quilt fabrics, but the blue batik mixed with the lighter colors is making me just a little nervous. I want to make sure the batik won’t run, so washing it is!


The wedding quilt will be large HSTs using the Vast pattern from Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle by Jeni Baker. The bride wanted the above colors based on a quilt of that pattern she saw on Pinterest. Admittedly I really wouldn’t have needed the pattern. For some reason, I thought the Pinterest picture was from the book and might have some info on the fabric line. It wasn’t the same; however, I think I managed to follow the color line with the fabrics I chose. The book would be a great addition to the library of a beginning quilter, so I may gift it at some point.

I hope to pull another UFO out of my stash and work on that today too. We’ll see how much I get done.

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Pieceful Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating your mom, or the memory of your mom. Without them, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, right?

This is a photo of my grandmother. Together with my mother, she cultivated a life of creativity in me. She was a seamstress and made many clothes for people in my hometown and the surrounding area. I believe this is the only picture we have of her sewing (and a poor quality one at that). While she didn’t teach me to sew, I learned much from her just by being with her. IMG_3968

I had a lovely, busy past week. It involved far more coffee than usual, and quite a bit of good conversation.

I did manage to finish my little tumbler quilt. I decided to do a semi-wavy quilt design that follows the tumblers. It’s not great, but it satisfies me. Here it is, all bound and ready to be tucked into a display. It’s 7 x 9 inches, so it will be fun to find a nook just waiting for it.  IMG_7149

This week I’ll be doing some shopping for some white and cream fabrics for a wedding quilt. Here’s a few of the fabrics I’m auditioning that I think have made the cut, except for the brighter orange piece. It will be a quick, easy HST quilt once I have all the fabric. The wedding is in July, so I need to get to work!


I might have some fun with this little project. I decided to try a Frivols from Moda using The Cookie Exchange fabrics by Sweetwater.


My quilt cave could use a bit of a touch up, so I’ll need to do a little organizing too.

Happy quilting, friends!



Pixie Baskets, Mini Candlemats, Oh My!

It has been a fun and productive week here in my little piece of the world. The quilt cave has been humming, and I am satisfied with the work I’ve done.

What was I up to? Well . . .

I made this.

IMG_3767Tankini Table Runner from Atkinson Designs

And this

IMG_3776This wonky little piece is made from the leftover cuts from the Sashed Half Hexi quilt below. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

Then I made this.

IMG_3779#pixiebasket from tutorial by @fabricmutt

I finished my February woolie BOM from River’s Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft.


I finished the top of my mini Sashed Half Hexi.

IMG_3786 (1)

I am finally a little more satisfied with my crayon work from last week’s Creativity Challenge. I’m still working on this week’s challenge — a smash journal.


I took my batik quilt to my longarmer. I am very excited about what she is going to do with it!

I’m still working on my elephants — over halfway completed! Yippee!

FullSizeRender (1)

And I had a few good times over coffee with friends.


I need to give the hubs credit for his effort this week. We have one little hallway that needed painting, so he had it on his list to get done this week. (The painting has to happen before the closet doors can be put in.) He removed the vent cover in the hallway and left the area for a few seconds. In the meantime, our cat ventured into the hallway and — you guessed it — hopped into the duct and took a tour to who knows where for the next 30-45 mins. I did alot of talking into a hole in the wall while cracking open a can of tuna. I am happy to say the little twerp found his way back and out of the hole (with my help, I have the scratches to prove it). It added an interesting twist to an otherwise quiet evening. Why did this happen? Well, the hubs saw I was quilting and didn’t want to bug me. He thought he could sneak away and back before the cat discovered the hole. But seriously though, y’gotta love the guy!

All in all, it’s been a happy, creative week!

Happy Stitching, everyone!