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Creativity Wednesday

Creativity has always been something I enjoy. I didn’t start quilting until I was married and had kids, although I was around sewing and quilting most of my life.

Before quilting, I enjoyed drawing, coloring, painting, anything that got my imagination going. I loved art classes while in school. My mom often told me that I would’ve cut just about anything with a scissors (and tried, much to her dismay).

When Sherry at Powered By Quilting started her 365 Days of Art PBQ Challenge, I knew I wanted to join in. Using the book 365 Days of Art by Lorna Scobie, each week we work on exercises in the book. I haven’t posted any of my work yet, so I thought today would be a good time to do so.

Using these exercises helps me with my quilting creativity, and I’ll show you a little about that at the end of this post. First, let me give you a few peeks at my work over the past few weeks. I’ll just hit some of the high points; in other words, my better work.

Week One

Things started off pretty well. I thought coloring this bowl of fruit was fun. We were supposed to color the fruit in any color than the actual color of the fruit.

Creativity Wednesday - 365 Days of Art, fruit bowl -

Week Two

My dad used to draw trees with me, so this exercise was fun. I apparently was thinking Florida and sun and orange juice.

Creativity Wednesday - 365 Days of Art, a tree -

Week Three

More fish, and this page is probably my favorite so far. I love to color with colored pencils; I have a stack of coloring books for evenings when we are watching a movie and I don’t have handwork to do.

Creativity Wednesday - 365 Days of Art, artful fish -

Week Four

Of course, these little squares were fun and made me think of quilting ideas.

Creativity Wednesday - 365 Days of Art, quilting designs -

Week Five

I got a little impatient with the flowers, but in the end, I liked them enough.

Creativity Wednsesay - 365 Days of Art, flowers -

This Week

Sneak peek! I’m a little ahead, but I really wanted to draw on those black spots. Haha. Now I want Oreos.

Creativity Wednesday - 365 Days of Art -

While I’m drawing in the art book, I’m often looking at color combinations and thinking about quilts. Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon is hosting a design challenge on Instagram, and my work in the art book has given me an idea for one of the designs. Thinking back to those four fish, I started to think about how much I like intense color. So let me show you were it’s taken me in the quilt design.

30 Quilt Designs Challenge 2018

Each day for 30 days, we are to draw a quilt design, in whatever method we choose (paper, app, EQ, etc) and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #30quiltdesignschallenge2018. I thought I’d be drawing up designs in a flurry, but it seems I’ve hit a bit of a design block. More about that in a minute.

My first design came to me when I saw an ad for 2.5″ strips in a box. I saw the way the fabrics were laid out in the box and immediately saw a quilt design, so I sketched it up. And I posted it on Instagram, just my sketch in pencil. Sandra commented that she was excited to see my design with color added. Hmmm. I was still thinking on that. I started pondering the bright fish, thinking about bright colors, wondering what bright colors I had, and then I remembered this bundle.

Creativity Wednesday - bright bundle of solid fabrics -

I pulled out my colored pencils and managed to find pencils to match each fabric. Here’s the design, in color.

Creativity Wednesday - original design -

Once I figure out what the background color should be, I think I may actually make this quilt. If I do, you’ll get to see it, of course.

Creativity Wednesday - fabric bundle & original design -

Today I worked on a few more designs, none of which got posted. Then I got distracted and designed this. Chocolate Covered Donut with Sprinkles. Of course this has a story behind it, but that’s for another day.

Creativity Wednesday - Donut design, original -

What about you? Are you participating in Sherry’s art challenge? You can still join us!

What do you do other than quilting to spark your creativity?

Linking up with Powered By Quilting (on Sunday).


Pieceful Monday

Pieceful Monday, once again. I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. Here in Minnesota, we welcomed in our first snowfall of the year, along with wind and much cooler temps. It was a great weekend for staying home and stitching!

When you read this, I’ll be on another short trip with BigJ. So I’ll be doing a little exploring, but I also have some stitching and other things along to keep me busy.

Remember the Jolly Braid Tote Bag? I’m taking it with me on its first road trip.

Pieceful Monday - Jolly Braid Tote Bag - 2017

I’m filling it up with a few things to take along.

Pieceful Monday - Filling the totebag - 2017

So what’s in there? Well, a little stitching project, along with my zipper pouch full of thread, scissors, and other things I need to work on it. That’s a little wool project that may become a Christmas gift.

Pieceful Monday - Stitching Project - 2017

I also bring along some sketchbooks for quilt designs, a ruler and pencil, and two books to spark my creativity.

Pieceful Monday - My bag stash - 2017

My Kindle will also get tucked in there, and I’ll leave room for a few things I may pick up along the way. And snacks — I’m sure some snacks will find their way in there too!

When I get back home, I hope to have some days to play with this happy mail I received this week. Look at all those solids! Yippee! Improv is calling!

These were sent to me as part of the #getyourquiltywishesgranted3 on Instagram. So much fun! It’s a good thing I sent a few quilty things to some other quilters so I have a little more room for this new addition to my stash!

So what about you? What do you take along when you go on a short roadtrip? Leave a comment and let me know.