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Minnesota Monday

By the time you read this post, I’ll (hopefully) be tucked away comfortably in a cabin in Wisconsin. BigJ is itching to do a few practice ski runs on the Birkie trail before he tackles the big race later in February. While he’s busy with that, I’ll be sewing at the cabin.

Since most of the weekend was spent in getting ready to leave and get ahead of the snowstorm, I didn’t have much time to sew. So let me show you one of my older quilts.

Years ago, I made a quilt for one of the organizations BigJ was with. It was a medallion quilt of my own design, using their logo as the center medallion. Since it was a Minnesota company, all of the fabrics were Minnesota themed and were from the 2009 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop fabric.

Minnesota Monday - Minnesota Quilt - 2018

This quilt is made from the leftover scraps. I didn’t use any pattern. I just cut and staggered rectangles and added some shorter pieces where I needed them.

Here’s a few close up shots of the fabric and Connie’s amazing quilting.

Minnesota Monday - Detail View of fabric and quilting - 2018

I like the fabric with the cityscape. Kinda fun. You can see the feathers that Connie quilted.

Minnesota Monday - Detail View of Quilting by Turnberry Lane Quilting - 2018

In the green border, Connie added some oak leaves. We have oaks in our backyard. Oak leaves are also significant in our family because my mother’s maiden name was Swedish for “oak leaf”. We know that whenever we meet someone with the last name “Eclov” we are likely related because it’s such an unusual name.

Minnesota Monday - Border Detail - 2018

The back of the quilt is also Minnesota fabric. I happened to be at a quilt shop and they were having a sale on this particular fabric. Five yards of fabric for $30. Perfect. I still have some left to use on another project.

Minnesota Monday - Back View - 2018

It was such a nice day, I really wanted an outdoor shot of this quilt. However, it was melting too. I thought maybe I could sneak a quick photo on the deck in my stocking feet. I thought I saw one little area that would work. However, the quilt didn’t cooperate very well, and while I was wrangling it, I ended up getting wet feet. See?

Minnesota Monday - Stocking feet on the deck in January - 2018

41 degrees in Minnesota in January is a heat wave, and getting my feet wet didn’t feel too bad, but I didn’t hang around to see if that would change. I did get a photo, not perfectly draped, but it works.

Minnesota Monday - Outdoor Photo of Minnesota Quilt - 2018

This quilt may actually cross the border and travel with me to Wisconsin. It’s a good one to snuggle under on a cold, stormy day.

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Happy Monday, friends!