Churn Dash Mini

Churn Dash blocks are one of my favorite quilt blocks to make. The block goes together so quickly and easily, and yet it is so versatile. With a change of just one color, you can completely change the look of the block. Recently I stumbled across a book with a cute little churn dash mini quilt pattern. I got the book for a song, and already had all the fabric in my stash.

I’ve never been much good at finding great deals at thrift shops. My daughter finds all kinds of things for a steal. Imagine my surprise, then, at finding Lizzie’s Legacy, a quilt book by Betsy Chutchian, sitting on the shelf at my local thrift shop.

I have read the book cover to cover; not only are there patterns, but also some history in story form woven amidst the patterns. The quilts and the photography in the book are so nice. I’ve wanted to make one of the quilts for some time, and I needed a quick little project as a break from my current projects. So I decided to make the little churn dash quilt in the book.

I had a little bag of reproduction fabric scraps that had these four beautiful fabrics in it. I had the background fabric in my stash too; in fact, all of the fabric either came from my stash or scraps.

Mini Churn Dash Fabrics

Using sandpaper under the fabric when drawing diagonal lines on the fabric squares holds the fabric firmly and keeps it from distorting from the pull of the pencil.

HST with Sandpaper

What could be cuter than little 4″ churn dash blocks? They went together so easily.

Churn Dash blocks

Then all that was left was to add the sashing and the corners. I used another fabric from my stash, a dark navy print. The finished size of the top is 12.5″.

Churn Dash mini quilt top

Next time I make this pattern, I will hand quilt it. I wanted to get this one done this week, so I used my walking foot and finished it today. I used this fabric from my stash for the back.

Here it is, all done. I’m so glad I picked up the book. This little quilt will find all kinds of places to live in my home. It was such a fun quilt to make, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the pattern again.

Churn Dash Mini finished

The backing fabric is also from my stash.

Churn Dash Mini backing fabric

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  1. Very pretty….Churn Dash has long been my favorite block…I LOVE it set on point….it has an entirely different look…(54-40 or Fight is a close second favorite…it too looks wonderful –and totally different—when set on point.

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