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Boy, July flew by didn’t it? I cannot believe it’s already time for Cool Tool Monday once again.

Recently I’ve been doing a bit of cutting prep for a few quilt projects. While I don’t mind cutting pieces, I do like to use tools that make it less tedious. A sharp rotary blade is a big help, but a good ruler can make the work of cutting so much more efficient.

I recently acquired a couple of new rulers, and I use each of them often. However, the one I’m highlighting today sat hidden for awhile before I started using it. Long enough, actually, that I had forgotten I had it.

When I was at the Minnesota Quilt Show earlier this year, I pondered over a 2.5″ x 8″ ruler at one of the booths. I was so close to buying it, but at the last moment decided against it. A few days later when I was home and regretting that I hadn’t purchased it, I realized I already had one! I had forgotten all about it. I can’t recall what jogged my memory or when I bought it, but I’m sure I snagged it when I ordered something else from Missouri Star, since it’s their version of the ruler. There are a few out there.

Anyway, for one quilt I needed to cut strips 2″ x 3.5″. I don’t have a die cutter or a strip ruler. This little ruler really made the job so much easier. The color of this particular ruler makes it easy to see on most fabrics. It has fewer markings than most rulers. What I really like about the ruler is that it is 2.5″ wide. That half-inch mark makes all the difference for me.

Cool Tool Monday -

Sometimes I get lost in thought while I’m doing repetitive cutting. (I’ve been known to do this while cutting food for cooking too, with some bloody results, but that’s another story.) When I do lose my focus, I have made cutting mistakes when I get the wrong measurement because I’m either grooving to music or thinking about something else. This ruler makes it a bit easier for me to keep groovin’ when cutting .5″ measurements.

You can see in the photo above that I have the ruler set at 3.5″ The lines are clear and easy to see. Once I make this cut, then I just flip the ruler so the inch mark is now on the right, as you’ll see in the next picture.

Cool Tool Monday -

This makes the tedious work of cutting strips go a bit faster, and if I get lost in thought, I can easily refocus and still get the correct cut.

I also like that the ruler is only 8″ long, so it’s easier to use with those smaller pieces of fabric when cutting. There are no big bulky rulers to have to work around and there is better control with the smaller ruler.

This little ruler doesn’t stray too far from my cutting table these days. It’s my cool tool for today!

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8 thoughts on “Cool Tool Monday”

  1. One of the first rulers I bought was a 2.5″ x 12″ . Love it and use it all the time.

  2. Sometimes all the markings get in the way. I like that this one doesn’t have as many. My favorite small ruler to use is a 6-1/2″ square. It’s large enough to cut 5″ squares, but small enough to cut those smaller rectangles.

  3. Neat! Every time I see Jenny Doan use her 2.5″ ruler on the MSQC videos, I think “I should get one of those.” Now that you’ve written about it, too, I think I’ll take the plunge.

  4. Even though I have my die-cutters, I have my rulers too. I have this ruler also and its handy. I love it when I already have a ruler but really hate it when I buy one and realized I had one already. It’s getting hard for me to keep track of what I have.

  5. You just reminded me someone bought me a 2 1/2 x 12 inch ruler I have never used, in pink, although it hasn’t got as many marking as yours it has a slit to mark the seam allowance maybe ai should actually use it and see how it works.

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