Cool Tool Update

A few of you asked a little more about the BlocLoc flying geese ruler after Monday’s post. I played around with it a bit more, and I have a little update to share with you today.

The question asked was whether you could use the FG ruler with multiple sizes. The BlocLoc website indicates that the FG rulers are size specific. Some of the other rulers, such as the squares and the rectangles, can be used on multiple sizes. However, read on and I’ll show you another use for the FG ruler below.

Before I do that, however, I’ll show you how to downsize the block using the FG ruler. It’s pretty simple. I made a couple of larger blocks using the same method as Monday’s post.

Placing the ruler on the larger blocks, you can see there will be quite a bit of waste after cutting.

Once cut, I sewed them together and they worked beautifully, so you could use the ruler for this if necessary.

Block before cutting on top; after cutting on bottom.

But here’s the thing — you can also use the FG ruler for Square in a Square blocks. I think it makes squaring these blocks easier because the ruler sets firmly in each edge.

Set the ruler’s groove in one triangle of the block.

Trim the side, lift the ruler and turn the block a quarter turn, put the ruler in place, trim, and repeat, going around each side. It’s pretty slick. Because of how the ruler sits in the groove, you never lose the 1/4″ seam allowance by the point of the triangle. You can the FG ruler on blocks up to the size of the ruler.

More information on these rulers can be found at the BlocLoc website. I’m not an affiliate, i’m just enjoying these rulers.

Happy stitching!


5 thoughts on “Cool Tool Update”

  1. That’s a great idea for more use of the FG ruler by trimming a SQ in a SQ-good thinking girl!!! OMG are you getting this terrible wind up there?

  2. Hi Wendy I have just popped over from the 2017NQB group. Interesting to read about the rulers – someone at our group this weekend is going to be showing me how the Bloc-Loc rulers so I can see what all the fuss is about!

  3. You’re obviously enjoying this ruler. I really will have to see what I can find. I am making a wedding present throw this year & I’m thinking triangles in some form.

  4. Hi Wendy I have seen a few sewer friends with these snazzy rulers & all love them, might will have to invest in one or two! Also found you from the 2017NQB group 🙂

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