Cut, Sew . . . Finish?

Do you ever really want to start a new project when you’re in the middle of another one? I’ve been pondering that this week as I’m working on my Mount Hood quilt. I’ve been fighting this urge to set Mount Hood aside and start something new.

Mount Hood Quilt from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth

Sometimes I think it’s healthy and okay to stop one project and start another as long as I get back to the first project. And that’s the catch! I find this quirk in my quilting personality interesting, because it mirrors my personality as a whole.

Big J uses two terms to describe people now and then. He calls them “zappers” and “mullers”. He is a zapper. When he encounters a problem, he is all over it. He deals with it head on and – bam – it’s done. I am a muller. When I encounter a problem, I want to mull it over, think about it for awhile – sometimes a long time.

This is what happened with Mount Hood. I started it in a class, and worked pretty steadily on it at home until one day I was just bored with it and wanted to start something new. So I tucked it away. Time passed and I’ve pulled it out again, but I’ve come to the pieced border. I’d really like to mull on that for a great long while. So I don’t have to do it. Because I have issues with pieced borders.

The hourglass blocks are all sewn and squared, so I am ready to go. I’m reading up on pieced borders to learn from my past problems. Later today I’ll be working on getting it on the quilt. If all goes well, I’ll have the top done by the end of the week.


Incidentally, looking at the quilt last night I realized I have definitely put my own spin on it. Am I going to explain that? No, but I will tell you I’ve decided to just laugh it off. No turning back.

So, what about you? Are you a zapper or a muller?

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9 thoughts on “Cut, Sew . . . Finish?”

  1. It’s perfectly fine to start another project while in the middle of one. I do it all the time. That is why I am overwhelmed with UFO’s. I get bored easily;-). I am a zapper in some situations, and a muller in others. I think I mull over things I really don’t want to do….procrastination is another word for it.

    1. Yes, procrastination is another word for it. I think muller just sounds so much better. LOL.

  2. The first sentence had me laughing right away. I think that I am most certainly a muller UNLESS Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is on sale at the grocery store. Then I morph in to a zapper ! 🙂

    I like the bright jewel tones of this project and how it just pops …very bold and beautiful! 🙂

    1. Oh yes — mention ice cream and I am all over it, especially B&J’s New York Fudge Chunk! Thanks for your kind words on my quilt. Stay tuned and see how the border wars go!

  3. I’m a zapper most of the time. Used to be a muller, but had way too many UFOs that way! I will occasionally treat myself during a long project by working on something else at the same time. Just for a break!

    1. I’m learning to allow myself to take a break and work on something else too. I’m trying to finish some UFOs, so I try not to get too distracted!

    1. I agree, Alice. Sometimes I have to take a break so I can find the joy in working on the other project again.

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