Fishy Stash

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing weekend with some fun sewing! Things were a little fishy around here, so let me show you what I worked on this weekend!

Last week, Nancy from Grace and Peace Quilting posted a picture of the mini quilt she made from a pattern in the current issue of Modern Patchwork magazine. When I saw her quilt, I knew I had to make one of my own. So I did. You saw a little peek of this on Friday, and many of you knew what I was up to. Here it is, all done.

Fishy Monday Quilt -

Well, actually I made it for someone else, but more about that in a minute.

I chose to make only four fish rather than five. Why? Because I only had enough of the background fabric for four fish! It’s a fun low-volume polka dot, which I thought worked well. I also made the red fish and the bottom blue fish out of prints rather than solids. Again because it’s what I had in my stash. The bottom blue fish is actually made using the wrong side of the fabric. The right side was just a smidgen too dark, so I just flipped it over and used the wrong side, which was just right! Do you ever do that?

This was my first time using straight line quilting, and I really enjoyed it! I didn’t measure other than to add a few little marks to try to keep me somewhat straight. I wanted to make sure I stitched straight through the middle of the fish first, then I just kept adding lines around it. I didn’t get too worried if the lines bent a little. It was fun to use the red thread for the red fish and then switch to a light blue on the rest.

Fishy Monday Quilt - detail shot -

This is going to a sweet friend of mine. She and her husband are pastors to missionaries. They travel often, and this is a welcome home gift for her when she arrives home next week. She is one of my closest friends, and we have walked through much together. The symbol of the fish has much meaning to her. The colors in the quilt are not only colors in her home, but colors of her heritage. The red fish swimming the other way will have special meaning to her as well. I cannot wait to give this to her, although she will likely read this post and know it is coming her way.

Fishy Monday Quilt -

This is a really fun quilt to make. Go grab a copy of Modern Patchwork and make one of your own!

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See you Wednesday!



13 thoughts on “Fishy Stash”

  1. out of all styles of machine quilting I like straight line or slightly wavy lines the best – being mainly a hand quilter maybe I can relate more to it as I mainly quilt in grids or straight lines around pieces – the fish is a nice piece

  2. I love this quilt and how you made it your own. Straight line quilting is the best. BTW, I was basting a quilt last night, and the thought running through my head, Wendy gave Fred the Boot, the boot. Say that fast.

  3. This is wonderful Wendy – full of meaning and uniquely your own – love the fish swimming upstream! And, no, I haven’t used the wrong side of the fabric (at least not intentionally!!) but what a great idea. Now, will I remember it when I am selecting fabric???

  4. Wendy, its terrific! What a lovely story and I’m sure your friend will be so touched. I really love this little quilte and your version of it. On my end, the packers come today and half-move tomorrow. The rest after the open house/sale! Going to ME early next week and then maybe I can sew a little.

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