Friday Finish

My week has been a little short on the quilting end, but I do have one little mug rug that I finished today. I bought this fabric in a scrap pack from Reproduction Fabrics because I liked the fabric with the ladies and their umbrellas. I was limited on what I could make due to the size of the scraps, so I put this little mug rug together. I’m freehanding the stitching, and will use the outline of the umbrellas when quilting the print. You’ll see my light blue basting thread in the pictures; I use a bright color when I baste so it’s easier for me to see when I’m removing it.

Here’s a photo of it, basted and partially quilted.


Here’s a close up of the ladies with their umbrellas.


And a little peek at my freehand stitching. See what I did there — an umbrella theme!


Here’s a picture of how I quilted the ladies and their umbrellas. I just picked a few umbrellas and outline stitched them.


And here it is, all finished!


Now that I’m back home, I’m busy working on samples for What a Hoot Quilting that I need to get finished by mid-July. I have several wool projects to do. Nothing I can show you for now, but I am excited to be working on them!

Tonight we are taking some friends to a baseball game, so that will be fun. And it means I don’t have to plan dinner, so I have more time to get some of those projects done!

I’m linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

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