Improv Play

Improv play is my happy place lately. My goal this week was to finish my daughter’s quilt top so I could get it to Connie to quilt. However, just as I was putting on the last border, I ran out of fabric. Ugh. We pulled the quilt together on the fly while in a local quilt shop, and miscalculated on the second border fabric. The quilt shop didn’t have any more of the fabric, but I managed to find some online. Phew!

So, with nothing else to do (hahaha, right), I decided to play around with improv blocks. I have one improv in progress and I’ve been posting little peeks on my Instagram feed. I very excited to see how it — if it — turns out!

In the meantime, I came across a stack of 20 squares in my stash and decided to cut them up. I just grabbed them as they came off the pile.

Improv Play -

Then I just start to sew them together in sets of two.

Improv Play -

Then I sew those sets together.  Blocks are starting to form!

Improv Play -

Pretty soon I have a bunch of colorful blocks and it’s time to trim.

Improv Play -

After trimming, I begin to play with layout. I got so absorbed in doing that, I forgot to take a picture. Once I’m happy with the layout, I stitch them together. This can be the most challenging part of the project, because my blocks are often different sizes. It’s like fitting a puzzle together.

Once it is sewn together, there are a mess of seams on the back!

Improv Play -

Now it’s time to quilt it. I’ve decided to use three colors of thread this time. Fun!

Improv Play -
Thread is Aurifil: turquoise #5005, green #1231 and orange #2145 (not sure of the actual color names).

With the turquoise and green threads, I just did some random straight line quilting in both directions. With the orange thread, I decided to quilt wavy lines, crossing over the other threads if I felt like it.

Improv Play - quilting -

I had this piece of fabric in my stash, just enough for the back. You can see a bit more of the very random quilting on this side.

I decided on green for the binding. I had one fabric I planned to use, but I would have had to cut several short pieces to make the binding. Who has time for that? I pulled out this fun polka dot. I think it works well.

I’ve named this quilt “Lunch at Frenchy’s”. Before we flew home from Florida after moving our daughter, we drove to Clearwater and ate at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill. We sat on the deck where we could see all the colorful beach umbrellas while we had our lunch.

Come January, when things are dull, cold and dreary around here, I will pull this out and put it on my table. It will be a good reminder of sunny days!

That’s my Friday finish! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Stay safe, friends!

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20 thoughts on “Improv Play”

  1. Oh my goodness – this is a crunchy, juicy, mouth-watering finish. You be glad that I do not live anywhere near you. I am so tempted to steal it 🙂

  2. You are having so much fun with your improv! I am inspired for one day in January to do it when the snow is falling – soonest I’ll get to it I am sure! Back in Massachusetts and trying to get my office/sewing room really ready to sew. Yesterday I spent a bulk of the day getting files in order, including the cost basis for the house. When do you come East? We are having cooler weather than normal but it is blissful. Layering is key!

  3. The improv piece is great. It’s funny what things can provide us inspiration for our projects…even sitting and eating and enjoying bright-colored beach umbrellas. Happy travels! Andrea

  4. Such a charming little quilt and I love the name and the happy memories that brings to you! I’ve never tried improv quilting but it looks such good fun, I’ll add it to my lenghthy to-do list!

  5. I love your quilt–improv piecing and quilting is so relaxing. I find that I work with bright fabrics in January–it’s sort of a ritual with me because it’s my substitute for sunshine and warmth.

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