Magnolia Mystery Progress

The Magnolia Mystery Quilt by Meadow Mist Designs is the first mystery quilt I’ve done. It has been a fun quilt to make, and I’m enjoying finally putting the blocks together.

I chose the following fabrics for my quilt. It was a bit of a challenge to choose fabrics not knowing the design. Nancy from Grace and Peace Quilting was working at Quilt Cove (a local quilt shop) and encouraged me as I chose fabrics. She was a great help!

Magnolia Mystery Progress - 2017


I enjoyed the pace of the steps of the quilt, with directions coming once a month. It gave plenty of time to get the steps done, as well as allowed me to work on other projects too.

The instructions are well written as well as visually helpful, making it so easy to piece the blocks.

So here are my first two blocks. I opted to make the lap quilt size. Once I have the top together, I’ll post a picture.

Magnolia Mystery Progress - 2017

My Best Nine 2017

Instagram has its #bestnine going on once again. I haven’t posted mine on Instagram yet, so thought I’d post it here first.

The choices were interesting and typical of my quilting this year. I discovered improv this year, and look forward to trying more improv projects in 2018. Of course, I’m delighted that my little Tomtes made the cut.

Have you made a mystery quilt? Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?

I hope you have some time to relax and sew a bit during this busy holiday season!



21 thoughts on “Magnolia Mystery Progress”

  1. Your mystery is going to be fabulous, I like the colors you chose. I have done a few mystery quilts, I like being more in control of where I place the colors. So I didn’t really like doing them. Fun to see which 9 made the list!

  2. I made a mystery quilt once and never did again. My fabric selections were totally wrong and the quilt was quite ugly. Luckily it was a small quilt so I didnt’t waste a lot of fabric and my granddaughter who was only 3 at the time loved it and wanted it for her dolls. I have to be able to see a final outlook to choose fabric right so no I do not do mystery quilts – fabric is too expensive to waste it

    1. That has always been a concern to me with Mystery Quilts. With this one, Meadow Mist gave the option of seeing the quilt first. I opted not too, but I can see where that would be helpful for others.

      1. I am saving Bonnie Hunter’s instructions for her newest mystery and might make it later but I will of course know what it looks like then

  3. I love your choices. I did it last year and it was fun! I worked from a fabric that could be border and that helped.

  4. Hi Wendy! I love your “Nine” and of course a Tomte had to make the cut. The last time I did a Mystery was in 2000 and it was okay. I’m kind of impatient and want to know what I’m making, I don’t want to waste time or fabric. And what fun that you get to visit Nancy at the quilt shop.

  5. Love your blocks for the mystery quilt! It will look stunning once it’s all together. I am a bit of a mystery quilt junkie. I absolutely love to make them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Like Sandra, I have control issues! I haven’t done a mystery quilt, but I did have fabric sent to me from Stash Box to use in a charity quilt. I didn’t like having someone else choose the fabric, that’s for sure. Maybe I’d be OK with choosing the fabric while someone else chooses the pattern? I don’t know.

    YOUR fabric choices are lovely! Very spring-y with the yellow/green. Will the mystery be finished this spring? If so, your colors will be right in line with the season ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 1. Your blocks are absolutely gorgeous.
    2. I need to know more about the quilt (bottom right). It looks very intriguing.
    3. Is this snowfall on your page? How did you do that?
    And finally, have a joyful holiday season!!!

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