Making Plans

Do you plan out your week, month or year? To tell the truth, I do a little planning, but the direction I take to get there is more serendipitous than say, my husband’s. Truly, I’m basically okay with that; however, sometimes it’s good to have a plan. I found something to help with that.

For the past year, I’ve been using The Quilter’s Planner. Now that I have been blogging for over a year and getting more involved in my online community with quilt alongs, blog hops, etc. as well as activities with my local quilt group, and making quilts for others, this planner has come in handy. Let me tell you why.

It has nice space for writing appointments, etc.  With a month-at-a-glance layout as well as week-at-a-glance, there is plenty of room for writing. There are also little places to write specific notes related to quilting, work, and miscellaneous notes on each page — so handy!

Making plans -

It has pages for planning projects. I found these helpful when I was thinking through and drafting a project. All my notes were in one place as opposed to several pages of paper.

Making plans -

It has helpful resources.

Making plans -

Not only that, but each month had a quilt block highlighted with a link to instructions, a little free motion doodle for practice, and other helpful fun quilting tips.

In addition, The Quilter’s Planner website is also a great resource for additional information throughout the year.

Time to Pre-Order the 2018 Quilter’s Planner

Making Plans -

I just pre-ordered my 2018 Quilter’s Planner. Look at that gorgeous color on the front! If you like Allison Glass, you’ll definitely want to take a look!  While everything I loved about it is still included, there are several new things this year that I’m excited about:

  • 12 monthly blocks featured in a new Quilter’s Planner Sampler Quilt pattern by Cheryl Brickey
  • A companion full-color glossy magazine with 13 quilting and sewing patterns by top designers
  • 4 pages of planner stickers by 2018 Featured Artist Alison Glass
  • Laminated cover and colorful tabs designed by Alison Glass

You can also get a mini planner with the larger planner that easily tucks into a large purse or tote. It’s about 5 x 7″ in size. It has some handy features so that you can take your quilt information with you when you are out and about. You never know when you’ll find just the right fabric, and you’ll be able to have yardage notes right in that little planner!

I keep my planner by my sewing machine, where I can access it each day and review what needs to be done. It’s been so helpful for me when scheduling quilting time and blog posts, particularly during those busy days of non-quilting activities. A little pre-planning goes a long way to being able to sneak in some quilting time.

If you like planners, or would like to give one a try, do take a peek at this one! You can find more information and order it here.

I’m not an affiliate of the planner in any way. I just really like the product and wanted to let you know that you can now pre-order the 2018 planner. I hope you take a minute to take a look.

Do you use a planner? I’d love to hear your method of staying on track with quilting and daily commitments!



10 thoughts on “Making Plans”

  1. I have thought of getting one and then I always change my mind on it. I’m not really sure, I guess I just feel that I would start it and then it would get set aside and I would forget about it.

  2. A lot of people really seem to like the planner. I know I would never keep up with it as I have tried to just use a regular calendar and I fail after a month or two. I just keep the thoughts in my head, knowing what I have to do. LOL

  3. It’s great to find a method that works for you. I’m like the others who say that doesn’t really do it for me. Keeping “paperwork” like that isn’t my strong area! 🙂

  4. I used to use a Franklin Day Planner, then a Palm Pilot, now I keep most everything on my phone. I do use a whiteboard to keep track of quilting activities, but my phone is my go-to device for pretty much anything else. I think people have different ways of planning, just as they have different ways of learning. The secret is finding which way works best for you. Seems as though you’ve found the perfect solution.

  5. I have a chalk board where I list anything I really ought to be getting on with and a notebook to keep my garden dyeing notes.
    Your method is very organised – it must help a lot with your quilting. You manage to get so much done. I do love organisers, but if I am honest with myself I know that I never keep them up.

  6. Sounds like the Planner is really well thought out and useful! I’m not much of a planner when it comes to quilts, which is odd since I’m generally a pretty organized person. Maybe it’s a mini retirement rebellion from years of having to be on top of my game at work 🙂

  7. It’s great to read what someone independent thinks of it Wendy. I always think I should be more organised, I tend to do what is urgent, and I forget where I was up to. I did start making monthly lists, then came the month I didn’t and my workflow stuttered big time. I’ll take a proper look at it, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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