Mini Quilt Fun

Have you ever participated in a quilt swap, either online or in person? They really are quite fun. I think what I enjoy most is getting to know another person. When I get the little bio that my partner fills out, I find it fun to see if I can create something that will match what he/she likes.

Here are a few that I’ve made.

This is the first one I made. It is a combination of quilting and wool appliqué. I was so nervous about this one — it was a little out of my color zone and I was tweaking a pattern. I had no idea whether the recipient would like it or not. It was machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  I really did have fun making it.


Here’s my second one. This was a pattern for a block I found online and I just made one block into a mini quilt. I used batiks, which are a favorite of mine. This one is machine pieced and hand quilted. I was much more confident when making this one.


And one more. My confidence had definitely grown with this one. I made up the pattern, used 3D pinwheel blocks, took a try at appliqué, lots of curves on those flowers. This was machine pieced and hand quilted. I hand quilted all of them because I was too chicken to machine quilt them.


So there’s a little throwback Thursday fun from my end of the world.

What about you? Have you participated in a swap? Did you enjoy it?

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6 thoughts on “Mini Quilt Fun”

  1. I really like your mini quilts, your swap partners must have been well pleased with them. I especially like the one with the pinwheel blocks, lovely.

    1. Thank you, Kate! It was fun. I enjoyed the challenge of making something for someone I didn’t know and getting to know them too.

  2. They’re lovely; I particularly like the first one. I find it hard to make for other people; I spend ages wondering whether I’ve chosen the right thing. I’ve never done a swap – too stressful!

    1. I find it a fun challenge, but it does stress me a little too. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone now and then. It helps build my confidence!

  3. I’ve only done one swap. I enjoyed it for the most part but I spent much of the time worrying my finished mini wouldn’t be “good enough” and that took the fun out of it somewhat. I’m not sure if I want to do another one. I didn’t do any so far this year. Maybe next?

    1. I felt the same way on my first, it was better on the second and third. I’ll probably do one again, but not often.

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