Molly’s Quilt

Well, our tree is finally up and the decorations are hung. The nativity set is out and in place. Some of the presents are wrapped. We are almost ready for Christmas!

Molly's Quilt - the decorated tree - 2017

It’s been a bit quieter in my sewing room, although I am working on a few projects that I hope to show you later this week. Most of my projects lately have been little quilts. Except for one.

Just before our daughter, Molly, moved to Florida, we were shopping at a quilt shop and she found this fabric and asked if I would make her a bed quilt.

Cute, huh? I love those little toadstools! She picked two coordinating colors for the inner and outer borders which you’ll see in a minute.

She wanted the toadstool fabric to be the focus fabric, so we used the entire piece without cutting it up. We made the inner border red and the outer border is another blue green print that Molly picked out. We chose to have it quilted with a basic cross hatch.

It was a challenge to keep the quilt square, but Connie assured me that there were no challenges when she did the quilting.

Molly's Quilt - almost full view - 2017

An (almost) full view. It’s quite long because she has an extra long twin bed. She did her best to show the whole quilt. (Notice the lack of snow in Minnesota for this time of year. Normally our deck would be almost a couple of feet in snow by now.)

Here’s a close up of the three fabrics together. The red inner border is a Minnesota fabric that has little tiny Minnesotas within the circles. If you look closely, you can see one just about in the center of the photo.

Molly's Quilt - the fabrics - 2017

Here she is, all wrapped up in her quilt. She did a great job choosing the fabric. All of it was 50% off, and I bought the entire bolt of the red fabric (the first time I’ve ever done that)! The red was used for the back of the quilt as well. I have a little bit of the fabric left, so I will make her a pillowcase to match.

Molly's Quilt - All wrapped up - 2017

I love that smile. This is why we quilt, right??

I hope you are ready for Christmas and enjoying the preparations for the coming festivities. Are you stitching up any last minute gifts? I’d enjoy hearing about them!

Enjoy your day, my friends!

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22 thoughts on “Molly’s Quilt”

  1. Well when the snow DOES come, and it will, you know it, it’s nice to know you’ll have a place to escape by going to visit Molly right?! Btw your snow? 6” of it came down here last week, highly unusual (set a record). And cold snowy Alberta where my family lives has almost no snow! Bizarre. Now the quilt. Love it! I love when young ones give us their input don’t you? And Minnesota fabric! I knew about it from Karen at Tu-Na Quilts how cool and extra-meaningful.

  2. Oh yes the smile makes it all worthwhile! So when did she get home? And how long is she staying. I know you are so ready for Christmas now that she is home. Nice job you two on the quilt! Happy Holidays.

  3. How wonderful! She is just beaming and I know you are, too! It is gorgeous, and I know she will love it and use it and think of you! Love that red with the little MN in it!

  4. Molly looks thrilled with her quilt, and who can blame her? It turned out great! Sometimes simple is exactly the ticket, especially with super cute fabrics like these. Love the little Minnesotas! They remind me of “hidden Mickeys” at Disney World 🙂

    Was this Molly’s Christmas gift? I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve been working on! I’m a bit behind in both blog reading and writing.

    1. Thanks, Louise. No, it isn’t a Christmas gift. I just happened to get it done while she’s home. I’ve only made one Christmas gift this year. The rest has just been play.

  5. Look at that smile…she loves her quilt! You did a wonderful job making this quilt for her. The fabrics she chose were so cute. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

  6. Molly is a girl after my own quilting heart. I don’t like cutting up fabric either, especially if it’s a print you love. The colors are perfect. I can’t believe you used up almost all of the red fabric. And yes, I may have purchased a few bolts and felt so bad when it was all gone. Merry Christmas Wendy! Enjoy the holidays with the family.

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