Mount Hood Finish

My Mount Hood quilt top is done.

I won the border wars and got the pieced border on — perfectly the first time. However, because I miscalculated on the blue inner border the first time around and had to rip it, I didn’t have enough of the fabric left to use for the final outer border. Here’s my remedy from my stash.


I’m satisfied with the result, even though I really wanted the blue fabric for the outer border. The top is done, and I also hope to find the backing in my stash.

Last night I got started on this little mystery project from Jenifer Gaston at the Woolen Willow. This is my first block. I hope to get the second block ready for some stitching tonight.


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10 thoughts on “Mount Hood Finish”

  1. The hourglass blocks are perfect for the middle border! I struggle with making a border like that fit properly, so kudos to you for getting it right the first time.

    1. Louise, Pat Speth gave us a nifty little worksheet at our workshop that helped so much. It’s copyrighted, so I can’t share it unfortunately. Those inner border sizes are key to getting the pieced border right!

  2. I think your quilt looks great! It is so nice to use up fabric from the stash I think. I am working hard at doing that and will continue through to next year doing more.
    I will check out your link to the wool project – I don’t need another project right now but wanted to look 🙂

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