No More Sniffles for These Lovelies

This week I am going to add to a new twist my usual quilt projects and try something new. Since February is right around the corner, I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day. I usually think of holidays way too late to do anything fun, so woohoo for me, I am ahead of the game this time!

I have a stash of hankies from my mom, grandma, and probably a few aunts. They are all packed together, so I can’t really tell who made them. Some of them are printed designs, but several of them have been hand embroidered, most of them likely stitched by my grandma. I’m amazed at the handiwork on them; you can hardly tell the front from the back. One of my aunts, Olga, apparently was not as proficient in stitching. My mom would often look at the back of the pieces we had and quickly identify Olga’s, saying “The back of her work was always messy.” I feel your pain, Olga, and love you just the same.

I have taken a couple of the hankies and I’m making tea mats with them. Why call them tea mats? Because the hankies are so delicate (they are really sheer) giving them the name mug mat just seems wrong! I thought these little lovelies would be a fun resting place for a cup of tea or mini candle. So no more sniffles for these lovely little pieces, unless I mess something up in the making and need to shed a tear or two.

This first printed hankie is of unknown origin. I don’t recall my mom or grandma using it, and it looked brand new. I thought the pink was very appropriate for Valentine’s Day and the bows just added to the mix. Initially I shortened the hankie by folding it and matching the ribbon design around the edge as closely as I could and sewing a seam. It was then that I realized I could actually get two little mats out of the hankie if I cut it apart, so I did. You’ll only get to see one of them in this post. I found this cute pink polka dot in my fabric stash, made my little sandwich, and stitched away.

IMG_3651Tip: I used basting spray to make my sandwich. It adhered nicely, but it was really difficult to get my needle through the adhesive. I’d only recommend using the basting spray if you decide to quilt it by machine. It does hold the hankie very firmly; no shifting.



Here’s a peek of it with a teacup and with a candle.

Next week I should have a second one done, a combination of two hankies. I’m having some fun with this, so come back and see what it looks like.

What else am I working on? Well, the batik quilt top is very close to being finished. I’m sewing the rows together and then I need to add the border. This means I will have to visit a quilt shop for fabric. Oh darn. 🙂

I’m putting my superpowers to work soon on a quilt for friend with a Superheroes theme (get it? superpowers – Superheroes? Haha. Clever, huh?) Watch for a sneak peek of those fabrics.

My elephants are still parading along. No new photos of them this week, but I have about 8 of them completed now so only 16 more to go.

Let me know what you’re working on these days. Do you have any Valentine’s Day projects perking?

Until next time — keep your needle threaded!


7 thoughts on “No More Sniffles for These Lovelies”

  1. What a cute idea! I’ve been machine quilting, and tried Aurifil thread for the first time. Now I understand qhy people like it; the finer thread blends better with the quilt. Have you tried it?

  2. Oh Wendy, I love your little tea mats! And so appropriate for Valentines Day! And love hearing about all of your projects you have going. Makes me want to get downstairs and work on mine. I have a large quilt to get quilted after I iron the backing. I have way more ideas running in my head than I actually have started so that means I better get going! Thanks for sharing…

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