North Platte Hidden Gem

We left Minnesota on Thursday afternoon and I felt like the overcast weather snagged onto our car and followed us. We drove in it all the way to Colorado, with only one break in Lincoln, NE on Friday morning. The next ray of sunshine came, in another form, when we stopped in North Platte, NE.

BigJ surprised me by doing some searching and found a quilt shop in North Platte. We have stayed in North Platte numerous times when we are making our way to Colorado. Why have I not known of this before?! If you are ever in the area, you really do need to make this a stop on your itinerary.

The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby

Tucked under a highway bridge, in a historical building next to the railroad tracks, is The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby. The entrance to the store is very simple, but don’t let that fool you.

The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby, North Platte,

Lisa greeted me as I walked in and she was absolutely delightful. There is nothing more welcoming than being greeted with warm welcome and a smiling face. The store houses over 4,500 bolts of fabric. There was a very pretty display of quilts being offered in classes as you came in the door, along with other display items. A green Singer (I think) sat on display with a pretty green and blue mini quilt right next to it.

So Much Fabric . . . So Little Time

The fabric was so nicely arranged, so easy to access — all the better to ooh and aah over. There were bolts on shelves in the center of the room and along the wall. As you walked along the bolts on display on the wall shelves, you walked into another room with more fabric. Around a corner and there was more. There was a large, roomy classroom with a display of Janome sewing machines and two cute little Featherweights sitting prettily and waiting to be used. Along another wall, the long arm machine waiting for its next quilt.

There were lovely quilts on display throughout the store. On the wall above the bolts to my right as I entered the store were so many cute little mini quilts on display.  I was just itching to sit down and sew, but I had miles to go.

The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby, North Platte,
Looking back at the entrance. Such pretty displays!
The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby,
Bolts of fabric according to color.
The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby,
So many fun fabrics and projects to look at!
The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby,
Walk down this aisle and into another room of fabric, kits and color!
Wool Applique Goodies

To the far left as you entered the store was a large display of wool and wool accessories. Oh my — I think I could’ve taken home the whole lot, but I needed to leave some for others! Haha. The prices were so reasonable, and there were so many colors of wool and thread to choose from.

The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby,
This is just a tiny bit of the wool Lisa has in her store. There was much more.
The Quilt Rack and Wool Cubby,
Neutrals tucked into a cute antique cabinet

There were so many types of threads to look at, it was just fun to walk along and read about each one. There were several notions to choose from, along with plenty of kits, both wool and cotton.

Lisa was delighted to let me post about her store in my blog. I hope I’ve done it justice. Please do stop if you are in North Platte. This will definitely be a stop for me whenever I’m in the area.

Oh, and did I buy anything? Of course I did! I bought three luscious pieces of wool in green, neutral and orange plaid, two fat quarters that caught my eye and just jumped into my hands, and an Alison Glass (my first piece!) text print. I don’t have a picture; I’m too tired tonight and my ankle is resting. More on that later, unless you’ve seen my Instagram photos.

There’s nothing more fun than finding a hidden gem in an unexpected place! Thanks, Lisa!

Happy Stitching, everyone!



10 thoughts on “North Platte Hidden Gem”

  1. What a great find and sweet DH that lined that up for you. I stopped at one in Cozad, last summer, called Prairie Point Junction-I wanted some wool felt and they say they are Wool Felt Central:)

  2. That sounds like a great spot. DH has definitely won points with that find. Hope you ankle is healing.

  3. How lovely to find a fabric shop! I meant to get to one I heard about when in CA, but I had a cold and never persisted. Sounds like you found your sunshine other ways on your trip!

  4. I wonder when they opened? We used to go through North Platte all the time – my husband grew up there – his mom lived there off and on throughout our married life but then she moved to VA to be close to a granddaughter about 15 years ago and has since died. Mike’s dad lived down the road about 20 miles from there but moved to Oregon about 8 years ago – we have camped at a campground on the edge of town more times then I can count by the old fort the past 45 years. Now that neither parent is there and no relatives I’m sure the stops well be few and far between but I bet we will still drive through now and then and camp overnight on our way to the Mountains last time through for overnight was about 3 years ago – I didn’t think to check for a quilt shop.

  5. Wow, that does look like a nice shop. I’m saving this post and putting it in my Nebraska folder for future reference. Don’t know if we’ll be going through Nebraska, but this looks like a good reason to go!

  6. Wendy, I’ve been at the Quilt Rack in North Platte, Nebr.!
    I’m living vicariously through your road trip.

  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this gem. We may be in North Platte this summer. I can’t wait to see the shop!

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