North Star Mini

Minnesota is known as “the Star of the North”. It’s our state motto, adopted in 1861. I named this quilt North Star Mini. Let me tell you about the quilt, and then I’ll explain the name.

North Star Mini - This little mini quilt measures 17" square - 2018

This little mini quilt, measuring 17 inches square, is from my stack of UFOs. I cannot recall the year I made this little quilt, but I do recall just wanting to make something, so I pulled out some fabric and got to work. The quilt was not a favorite, because I had chosen too many dark fabrics. I do like the pattern though. It’s a fun little mini that makes quite a statement, I think.

I experimented a little with this quilt. I actually did a tiny bit of free motion. First, I outlined the star and added some lines with my walking foot.

North Star Mini - quilting detail, walking foot - 2018

Then I tried a little swervy free motion in the trees.

North Star Mini - Quilting Detail - 2018

They are a little jerky, but by the time I got to the fourth tree, I was getting the hang of it.

I actually attempted some stippling in the blue sections using grey thread, so it’s difficult to see (both in the photo and while I was quilting). More practice is definitely needed!

The red borders and green setting squares were just a bit wavy, so I just quilted long lines in the red section and an X in the green squares. I tamed the waviness a bit.

Here’s a peek at the back.

North Star Mini - Back Detail - 2018

I don’t know why I didn’t just use neutral thread in my bobbin. I think it is just habit to match the bobbin thread to the spool. It’s not bad, seeing the colored thread on the back, but I think I would’ve liked the neutral thread better.

The batting is a Quilter’s Dream poly. I picked it up to use on a baby quilt and didn’t work well with the fabric and spray basting. This time, it worked just fine. I’m happy to find a way to use this up.

Why the name North Star Mini?

This little mini will be going to our daughter in Florida. She said she wanted it while she was home and we were reorganizing my quilt room. I thought it would be fun to name the quilt North Star Mini to remind her that Minnesota will always be her home, no matter where life takes her. Besides the big central star, the mini has pine trees and starry skies; all the outdoor things Molly enjoys.

All of the fabrics are from my stash. I actually used up some fabric, so I’m really pleased with that. I need to make some room for the new fabric I’ve acquired lately.

Quilt Along Update

Regatta  – my strips are sewn, so I’ll be putting the quilt together soon!

Squiggles  – I’m working on the blocks. It’s slow going, but I’m getting there. I worked on these while at the cabin. It took me most of the day just to draw the diagonals on the 2.5″ squares!

Gypsy Wife – I need to get some blocks for the first section done soon.

Postcard from Sweden – I ordered my fabric! Yippee!

There are so many QALs and other sew alongs out there right now. I’m so distracted by so many of them. Haha! Have you seen the cute Candy Cat block on Instagram (#candycatqal)? I’m setting aside fabric so I can make a few of these soon!

So what’s distracting you these days? Tell me about a project you are working on!

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Happy Friday, friends!


19 thoughts on “North Star Mini”

  1. It’s so rewarding to finish a quilt for someone you know wants it! Good job on the quilting. One of the things I love about quilting is each experience teaches something new, like now you know you’d rather use a single neutral thread on the back!

  2. WHAT a great mini! I just love how you don’t see the trees at first, and then ta-da! There they are! I usually match the top and bobbin threads to hide any tension issues that might arise, and I actually like seeing the quilting on the back, so yours doesn’t bother me at all! When do you head to Florida and where? (inquiring minds, you know) You may want to link this up with TGIFF on my blog this week too!)

  3. I am glad you said there were trees in the block as I didn’t pick them out at first. Maybe it has something to do with little sleep last night and not enough coffee this morning. But I really like your block and I am sure Molly will enjoy displaying it and remind her of home.

  4. What a sweet way to remind your daughter of her roots. I am also happy you mentioned the trees. I didn’t notice them, but when I went back to look, it became so obvious.
    How can you keep track of all your QAL projects? I’m always amazed when I read about someone having more than about three projects going. I have a need to finish one before starting another.Not that it always works out that way. Ha! OCD and ADD at the same time!

  5. This is a great UFO finish! I love the dark colors for this star – makes it really pop. I know what you mean by feeling like a neutral color bobbin would be prettier. I’ve got that going for sure on the quilt I’m working up right now. But you would see the bobbing thread peeking onto those trees and the burgundy border on the front, and not be happy with that at all. Times like these are when I just be thankful that the industry standard is to match the top thread, not the backing fabric, so there’s nothing unacceptable about weird thread colors on the back. I guess it’s one of those yin-yang times when you have to choose the less disturbing option.

  6. Congrats on yet another UFO finish! I love that you were not afraid to jump right in and quilt this. Reading that gives me a big smile. Give yourself a big pat on the back, because I think you did an awesome job and all those little quilting details just adds to the quilts yumminess. I love the name you chose for it. It will be a wonderful reminder to your daughter of home.

  7. Yay! You’ve hopped on the free motion train! It’s a FUN ride, so hang on and enjoy it! 🙂 I think the mini is adorable and I’m sure your daughter is going to love it. Having a piece of home, especially something Mom made, will make her heart smile every time she looks at it. Postcard from Sweden is a quilt I want to make one day – I’m looking forward to seeing yours. I pulled fabric for a pink/green/yellow version of Metro Hoops. It’s my newest distraction and I can’t wait to make it because I want to quilt the snot out of it!!! LOL

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