November Review

It is a quiet day around here today, the last that I will have this week. Thursday through Sunday will keep me pretty busy, so I’m not sure how much stitching will get done.

November is coming to a close, so let’s see how I did with my to-do list for the month.

Quilt and bind the Quilters Madder top. Not done. Yet. I still have a few days, but I expect this will trickle over into December.

Finish the sampler I’m stitching. The top is done; I just need to quilt it (do you see a theme here???)

List out my Christmas gifts and assess where I’m at with them. Done. This is ongoing, as far as the assessing. I have a goal of either making gifts or buying them locally this year. I already have a few made and purchased.

Clean up scrap containers. Done! I actually have cleared out a bunch of tubs, so I am really pleased with this one.

Practice free motion quilting. Work in Progress, which will be ongoing. I’m waiting for a few supplies that will hopefully make this easier. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Finish one of my quilt tops. Done. I finished this little Christmas mini.


Prepare the backing for two quilts to bring to Connie. On Hold. I have decided to wait to do this in January.

Finish November wool projects. Done! I even have the December block for one of the woolies done! I’ll post pictures of them at the end of this week.

I’m feeling pretty good about my progress, even with a week away from home and a busy holiday weekend thrown in!

I have a few other projects that I’m working on, but they are potential Christmas gifts, so I can’t show them here. I have also been pulling out UFOs and deciding what to do with them, so I hope to have a few of them to show you at week’s end.

Have a great day, all!



7 thoughts on “November Review”

  1. hard to believe it will be December already tomorrow – the year has flown by – I will not get done with all I wanted to but I have gotten done with a lot.

    1. I agree, November flew by! It’s not so much about what we accomplish, but how much we enjoy the creating, right?

  2. I certainly don’t have a list even though I totally should. Right now I’m taking one day at a time to be honest. The year has gone by really quickly! I have about one week of sewing to put in before I’m all packed to relocate and travel till next year. Good luck with all you have left to accomplish ??

    1. You have quite a bit going on, Alice, so I wouldn’t feel badly about not having a list. I don’t always work with a list, but it does help remember what to finish. Hope your move goes smoothly!

    1. Thanks, Bernie! It’s good to have the list to review and keep me focused. I need to get one done for December, since I’m getting distracted with lots of fun, small projects!

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