Mount Hood Finish

My Mount Hood quilt top is done.

I won the border wars and got the pieced border on — perfectly the first time. However, because I miscalculated on the blue inner border the first time around and had to rip it, I didn’t have enough of the fabric left to use for the final outer border. Here’s my remedy from my stash.


I’m satisfied with the result, even though I really wanted the blue fabric for the outer border. The top is done, and I also hope to find the backing in my stash.

Last night I got started on this little mystery project from Jenifer Gaston at the Woolen Willow. This is my first block. I hope to get the second block ready for some stitching tonight.


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Quilting at the Speed of Life, Part 2

We’ve had good things going on around here lately, but very little of it has involved quilting. And that’s okay. I have high hopes for getting some serious quilting time in September.

Mid-August we moved our daughter into her first solo apartment. Those of you who have done this understand the amount of work that goes into the packing, loading, driving, unloading, etc. It was a whirlwind weekend. She had been at a conference the week of the move, so she literally flew home on Friday, we loaded her stuff on Friday evening, got up and drove to her new place and moved her in on Saturday, and we drove back home on Sunday.

Once that craziness was done, our family took a few days and unplugged at a cabin up north. We loved every minute. We did alot of this.


Just sitting by the water and listening to the waves lap.

In the evenings, we did this.


While we waited to see this.


During some of the days, we managed to tear ourselves away from the water and did a little of this.

Is this chocolate? Oh no, no, no. This is Daily Grind. Coffee ice cream, with espresso beans and caramel swirls. Oh. My. Goodness.

Some of us did this.


In between all of that were endless games of Ticket to Ride, and naps. Lots of naps.

I am still working on Mount Hood. I ended up having to take the inner borders off because they were not the right width for the pieced border. Now that the pieced borders are sewn together, I can determine the width of the inner border and get both borders sewn on. Here’s to hoping my calculations are correct. The downside to this new calculation is that I may not have enough blue material for the final outer border. I am determined to finish this from my stash, so we’ll see what I come up with. I hope to have some pictures of the quilt for you on Friday.

So here’s to a quieter September, fall weather, and time to quilt!



Quilting at the Speed of Life

I woke up this morning around 2:45 am to thunder and incredible lightning. We have had so much rain lately! The Cannon River that flows through our town is running high, sending some of the businesses along that river scrambling to get sandbags in place. We have a little creek in our backyard that feeds into the Cannon, but so far it has stayed within its banks. We are up high enough that it is never a threat, even when it overflows.

The speed of our life this month has been full to overflowing as well. All good things, but definitely keeping us hopping! More on that in a minute, but let’s talk quilting.

My hourglass blocks are still sitting nicely in this little basket.


Yesterday I had appointments in the morning, and then brought Mount Hood over to a friend’s house. Sometimes talking through the next step with a friend helps me think more clearly; two heads are better than one. I have a plan. However, no more work on this quilt until next week; our weekend activity won’t involve quilting.

This weekend will move at a fast pace as we help our daughter relocate for her next job. We are moving her in this weekend, so there will be packing, driving, and unloading. I am so excited for her, and her new place is really charming. So my sewing task for today is working on some bedroom curtains for her. Such is the speed of life, right?

While I’m riding along on our road trip, I hope to give this little table runner some thought. I made it awhile ago, and all that’s left is quilt and bind it. I’d like to practice some FMQ and give it a go on this runner. Maybe I can even do some doodling practice while I’m on the road. If it turns out okay, I plan to give it as a gift.

This picture was taken before I began blogging or even thinking about how to stage a picture. Ignore my busy ironing cover!

And before we know it, the cooler weather will be with us and I’ll be ready to pull out my fall decor. This is a little wool candle mat that I made. I found a leaf in my back yard, photocoped it, cut out the photocopy and used it as a pattern for the leaves. Once I had them on, I added a backing with a little extra on each end that I turned into a binding. Easy peasy.


So no finishes to show today, but I’m making progress, and that’s enough to make me happy dance!

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Cut, Sew . . . Finish?

Do you ever really want to start a new project when you’re in the middle of another one? I’ve been pondering that this week as I’m working on my Mount Hood quilt. I’ve been fighting this urge to set Mount Hood aside and start something new.

Mount Hood Quilt from Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth

Sometimes I think it’s healthy and okay to stop one project and start another as long as I get back to the first project. And that’s the catch! I find this quirk in my quilting personality interesting, because it mirrors my personality as a whole.

Big J uses two terms to describe people now and then. He calls them “zappers” and “mullers”. He is a zapper. When he encounters a problem, he is all over it. He deals with it head on and – bam – it’s done. I am a muller. When I encounter a problem, I want to mull it over, think about it for awhile – sometimes a long time.

This is what happened with Mount Hood. I started it in a class, and worked pretty steadily on it at home until one day I was just bored with it and wanted to start something new. So I tucked it away. Time passed and I’ve pulled it out again, but I’ve come to the pieced border. I’d really like to mull on that for a great long while. So I don’t have to do it. Because I have issues with pieced borders.

The hourglass blocks are all sewn and squared, so I am ready to go. I’m reading up on pieced borders to learn from my past problems. Later today I’ll be working on getting it on the quilt. If all goes well, I’ll have the top done by the end of the week.


Incidentally, looking at the quilt last night I realized I have definitely put my own spin on it. Am I going to explain that? No, but I will tell you I’ve decided to just laugh it off. No turning back.

So, what about you? Are you a zapper or a muller?

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Pieceful Monday

I woke up this morning to cool weather, a sign that Fall is soon to come to our neck of the woods. I enjoy mornings when I can sip my coffee and feel a fresh breeze through the open windows.

I had a quiet weekend with some time to quilt. I managed to get 48 hourglass blocks done for the Mt. Hood quilt. I have 18 more to do, but I need to find some brighter fabric to mix into these darker blocks. Once the blocks are sewn, I’ll square them to 4 inches before adding them to the quilt top. It’s moving along faster than I thought it would.


I hope to work on this a bit more later today. This morning Big J and I are off to look at flooring for our next stage of home renovation. He said he’d take me to lunch, so how can I pass that up?

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Mt. Hood Update

It’s Friday, and time to show you my Friday Finish. While I don’t have a completely finished quilt, I did get the first inner border on Mt. Hood. So I’m counting that as my finish for the week! I managed to find fabric for the border in my stash. I need 2 yards of fabric for the inner border and outer borders. I think I might just make it. It will be close!

A photographer friend of mine recently posted a photograph he had taken on a visit to Mt. Hood in Oregon. The colors surrounding the mountain were beautiful! I remember the shades of blue and purple, so I decided to go with a blue fabric for the border. I think it adds a brightness to the quilt, and I’m happy with it.


Up next is a pieced border of hourglass blocks. I have not had great experiences with pieced borders in the past, so we will see how this progresses. The pattern is really well written, so hopefully I’ll be able to make this border work. My task for the rest of the afternoon is to begin sewing the 60 hourglass blocks.

I’d also really like to get something put together to hand sew tonight. I haven’t had any hand sewing for a bit, and I’m missing it.

We’ll see how much I accomplish!

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WIP Wednesday

My work-in-progress this week has hit a stall, but for good reasons. We have been apartment hunting for my daughter — with success! The remainder of August will be a busy one, getting her moved and settled.

So I’m still working on my Mt. Hood quilt and I haven’t gotten any further on it than I was last week. I need to get the first inner border on it — I’ve been thinking about that and what fabric would work. My goal for this quilt is to do it all from my stash. I’m hoping I have a piece of fabric that will work for the borders, both the inner and the final outer border. Between the two borders will be a row of hourglass blocks.


The pattern is by Pat Speth from her Nickel Quilts book. It’s an easy quilt to make and a great quilt pattern if you’re looking to use up some of your scraps. All of the blocks in the book are made from 5″ squares (that’s why they’re called nickel quilts).

Remember that wedding quilt I made? It was given to the newlyweds last night, and they loved it.

My 6’6″ husband is really stretching to hold this quilt for me.

Today calls for shopping with my daughter to prepare for the move. I’m looking forward to spending the day with her. I hope to sneak in some quilting in the next couple of days, however.

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Sew Friday

Last time I posted, I mentioned that I felt pretty rejuvenated after our busy July and ready to have some quieter time to get some quilting done. Well, I did get more quiet time in the form of a cold/flu bug. I took more naps in two days this week than I have in a very long time. Finally feeling relatively human again, I was able to get some quilting done today.

So my accomplishment today was to get the blocks sewn together for my Mt. Hood quilt. Here are a couple of views.

I’m warming up to it again now that I’ve gotten the blocks together.


I hope to have a quieter day tomorrow, so maybe I can make some more progress on this!

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Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Pieceful Monday

I’m so thankful for a quiet, pieceful Monday. Last week was busy, to say the least. This is how we spent our Sunday afternoon. Even Max the cat was happy to nap, as cats always are!


Feeling somewhat rejuvenated today, I’m planning to get the Mt. Hood blocks sewn together. I have to admit, I am just not that excited about this quilt. I’m not sure why, other than I think I chose a pattern which just doesn’t challenge me enough. I chose this particular pattern for a class, because I wanted to have something easy. I hadn’t taken a class for some time, and I was feeling a little intimidated.

Since I don’t have a design wall large enough, I had to lay them out on the floor. I grabbed my camera to photograph them, only to find my camera battery was dead. The camera was left on from the last time we used it; no juice whatsoever. So these are taken with my phone because I need to get this post done, y’know?

After my quilt block layout morning aerobics, here’s the final layout.

FullSizeRender (3)
When you are short and trying to take an overhead shot without a ladder. Fuzzy, with toes.

And here they are, all messily stacked and ready to be sewn together. Note my classy method of noting on my stacks. Hey, it works for me!

FullSizeRender (4)

I’m very tempted to just do a plain border on this and be done with it. The pattern calls for a narrow solid border, then an hourglass border, finished with a wider solid border. It would definitely add some pizzazz to the quilt, so I’ll make my decision once these blocks are put together!

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Mini Quilt Fun

Have you ever participated in a quilt swap, either online or in person? They really are quite fun. I think what I enjoy most is getting to know another person. When I get the little bio that my partner fills out, I find it fun to see if I can create something that will match what he/she likes.

Here are a few that I’ve made.

This is the first one I made. It is a combination of quilting and wool appliqué. I was so nervous about this one — it was a little out of my color zone and I was tweaking a pattern. I had no idea whether the recipient would like it or not. It was machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  I really did have fun making it.


Here’s my second one. This was a pattern for a block I found online and I just made one block into a mini quilt. I used batiks, which are a favorite of mine. This one is machine pieced and hand quilted. I was much more confident when making this one.


And one more. My confidence had definitely grown with this one. I made up the pattern, used 3D pinwheel blocks, took a try at appliqué, lots of curves on those flowers. This was machine pieced and hand quilted. I hand quilted all of them because I was too chicken to machine quilt them.


So there’s a little throwback Thursday fun from my end of the world.

What about you? Have you participated in a swap? Did you enjoy it?

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