Periwinkle Blocks

Periwinkle blocks — this is when the fun begins with this quilt. I love to see how the pieces come together and the little periwinkles form. They are so cute, and this fabric is perfect for a little girl, sugar and spice and everything nice!

When I begin sewing these together, I always think this is going to take forever. Once I’ve done a few I realize how quickly they do go together. The blocks nestle together pretty easily, requiring very few pins.

This is the stack of finished blocks. I am about halfway done with them.

Periwinkle Blocks -

Here’s another angle.

Periwinkle Blocks -

I can’t wait to put these blocks up on the design wall and play with them!

My Project List

So here’s my current list of projects that I am working on.

  • This baby quilt
  • Make one more baby quilt, same fabric line
  • Finish the commission quilt
  • Continue working on Spring Paws blocks
  • Play the Wordsmith blocks on the design wall
  • Make the rod pocket for the elephant quilt
  • Clean up quilt cave

That should keep me busy for a little while, especially the tidy up of the quilt cave. It’s getting a little messy in there. Wouldn’t it be great if our quilting spaces would just clean up themselves? Ha!

My daughter gave me this card for Mother’s Day. I’ll just leave this thought with you, my creative friends.

Periwinkle Blocks -

I’m linking up today with Sew Fresh Quilts and Quilt Fabrication.

See you Friday!



15 thoughts on “Periwinkle Blocks”

  1. That’s quite a list. I like how you added ‘clean up quilt cave’, my room is such a mess right now, but when time is limited there is always the urge to ‘do it tomorrow’. Then I start loosing things and I can’t wait any longer. Anyone seen a 12.5 x 4.5 ruler?

  2. I really do have to organize my table again it is getting out of control. As soon as I finish this final border on my star quilt and get all of these flannel scraps put away maybe I can make some progress on the table. Love your blocks – I don’t know what it is about the old patterns that draw me in but I like them so much better then the new modern blocks although I will be doing a modern bird block quilt soon for my daughter

  3. The blocks are really pretty. Will you use an alternate block with them?

    Yes, SO MANY things on the list! Guess I should get up and get busy! (It’s a little after 7am now…) 🙂

    1. No alternate blocks, but the background fabric does make a secondary pattern and it is a pretty and simple quilt.

    1. Hi Pamela, I’ll do that. Thanks for asking. Each block uses four of the triangular pieces. The colored diamonds meet in the middle, if that makes sense. They go together very easily. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I’ll do that, Pamela. It is really very easy. Four triangle pieces make up one block, with the colored center pieces meeting in the middle of the block.

  4. I love the blocks and the way they came out. I am really thinking about getting the pattern/ruler as it looks like a great scrap quilt and I have been eyeing it for awhile. Also, want to work on getting my list of things I am working on to keep my focused. I know it helps!

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Love the periwinkle blocks – they are so pretty. I think you are doing something that makes your heart sing ~smile~

  6. The periwinkle blocks are so pretty. I’m looking forward to seeing the quilt.
    Your “to do” list is amazing. I truly hope it’s enjoyable – even the cleaning.

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