Pieceful Monday

Pieceful Monday, once again. I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. Here in Minnesota, we welcomed in our first snowfall of the year, along with wind and much cooler temps. It was a great weekend for staying home and stitching!

When you read this, I’ll be on another short trip with BigJ. So I’ll be doing a little exploring, but I also have some stitching and other things along to keep me busy.

Remember the Jolly Braid Tote Bag? I’m taking it with me on its first road trip.

Pieceful Monday - Jolly Braid Tote Bag - piecefulthoughts.com 2017

I’m filling it up with a few things to take along.

Pieceful Monday - Filling the totebag - piecefulthoughts.com 2017

So what’s in there? Well, a little stitching project, along with my zipper pouch full of thread, scissors, and other things I need to work on it. That’s a little wool project that may become a Christmas gift.

Pieceful Monday - Stitching Project - piecefulthoughts.com 2017

I also bring along some sketchbooks for quilt designs, a ruler and pencil, and two books to spark my creativity.

Pieceful Monday - My bag stash - piecefulthoughts.com 2017

My Kindle will also get tucked in there, and I’ll leave room for a few things I may pick up along the way. And snacks — I’m sure some snacks will find their way in there too!

When I get back home, I hope to have some days to play with this happy mail I received this week. Look at all those solids! Yippee! Improv is calling!

These were sent to me as part of the #getyourquiltywishesgranted3 on Instagram. So much fun! It’s a good thing I sent a few quilty things to some other quilters so I have a little more room for this new addition to my stash!

So what about you? What do you take along when you go on a short roadtrip? Leave a comment and let me know.


10 thoughts on “Pieceful Monday”

  1. Coffee, of course. I rarely take sewing on road trips because I am the one who drives, but I always take books (or even better, Audible books).

  2. Your bag looks so great full of trip supplies 🙂

    Road trips are such a rarity for us now that I spend the whole time looking out the window. It’s nice to see trees and houses and towns whizzing by at speeds above 7mph, which is the fastest the boat goes.

  3. my granddaughter is on a rowing team and they had went to Columbus Ohio for the weekend for a regatta and it was snowing for awhile during one of the races – she said it was pretty chilly and that her lips stayed blue most of the day! too early

  4. and forgot to say usually for a short road trip I take my camera – I don’t do much stitching in the car – sometimes some crocheting but not quilting stuff – – and coffee!

  5. Snacks, stitching, knitting, and ipad. Where are you off too? We are in ME (where we had no power for a day) and then heading to Bermuda. I don’t seem to get as much done as I did when I was younger traveling, so we’ll see how this one goes! Planning packing Thursday-a quick weekend away for 25th anniversary and birthday (not 25….but a big one).

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