Pixie Baskets, Mini Candlemats, Oh My!

It has been a fun and productive week here in my little piece of the world. The quilt cave has been humming, and I am satisfied with the work I’ve done.

What was I up to? Well . . .

I made this.

IMG_3767Tankini Table Runner from Atkinson Designs

And this

IMG_3776This wonky little piece is made from the leftover cuts from the Sashed Half Hexi quilt below. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.

Then I made this.

IMG_3779#pixiebasket from tutorial by @fabricmutt

I finished my February woolie BOM from River’s Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft.


I finished the top of my mini Sashed Half Hexi.

IMG_3786 (1)

I am finally a little more satisfied with my crayon work from last week’s Creativity Challenge. I’m still working on this week’s challenge — a smash journal.


I took my batik quilt to my longarmer. I am very excited about what she is going to do with it!

I’m still working on my elephants — over halfway completed! Yippee!

FullSizeRender (1)

And I had a few good times over coffee with friends.


I need to give the hubs credit for his effort this week. We have one little hallway that needed painting, so he had it on his list to get done this week. (The painting has to happen before the closet doors can be put in.) He removed the vent cover in the hallway and left the area for a few seconds. In the meantime, our cat ventured into the hallway and — you guessed it — hopped into the duct and took a tour to who knows where for the next 30-45 mins. I did alot of talking into a hole in the wall while cracking open a can of tuna. I am happy to say the little twerp found his way back and out of the hole (with my help, I have the scratches to prove it). It added an interesting twist to an otherwise quiet evening. Why did this happen? Well, the hubs saw I was quilting and didn’t want to bug me. He thought he could sneak away and back before the cat discovered the hole. But seriously though, y’gotta love the guy!

All in all, it’s been a happy, creative week!

Happy Stitching, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Pixie Baskets, Mini Candlemats, Oh My!”

  1. Oh, oh, oh! I love the colors in that half hexi! Your leftovers project is wonderful too.
    I laughed at the cat story and how long it took to get it out.

    You have been a busy girl!

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