Project Update Friday

It has been another crazy weather week in Minnesota. We have had sunshine, 80 degree weather, wind, rain, hail, and now chilly temps in the 50’s. Needless to say, it’s been good weather for a sewing project! I’ve been busy, so let me show you what I’ve done.

Project Update #1

I’ve been asked about how I put the periwinkle blocks together. The blocks are made up of four of the triangle pieces. Those pieces are actually sewn on a paper foundation. You can watch the Missouri Star tutorial here and Jenny will show you how it’s done.

Once those triangle pieces are finished and the papers have been removed, the blocks are sewn together. First I sew the pieces together in sets of two, and then sew those two sets together. Here’s a quick picture.

Project Periwinkle -

I have a luscious little pile of periwinkles. Just a few more to do and I’m ready to lay out the quilt.

Project Periwinkle 2 -

Project Update #2

I also had some time to play with the Wordsmith blocks on my design wall. Here’s where I’m at. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with this or rearrange again. I have no plan for this little mini once I’m done with it. I was just attracted to the blue and greens together with words and scribbles, so that little charm pack just jumped into my bag at the store!

Project Wordsmith -

Project Update #3

So, let’s look at my list from Wednesday and see where I’m at.

  • The periwinkle baby quilt – in progress, almost done
  • Make one more baby quilt, same fabric line – up next
  • Finish the commission quilt – DONE – yippee! (pictures soon)
  • Continue working on Spring Paws blocks – no work on them yet
  • Play the Wordsmith blocks on the design wall – in progress
  • Make the rod pocket for the elephant quilt – DONE – woohoo!
  • Clean up quilt cave – kinda, sorta, a little bit – in progress 

I hope to get the last of the periwinkle blocks done this weekend, as well as do some work on the Spring Paws blocks. Oh, and I have this little reminder on my phone. 

Project Mug Mat -

Curious? Me too! It didn’t get done at 9:00 am today, but maybe this weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Happy stitching!




10 thoughts on “Project Update Friday”

  1. You keep chugging along! Yes the weather, like everything else, is kinda crazy here. Today we’ll top out in the low 50s, after we hit nearly 90 a few days ago. As you say, makes it a good day to stay in and work on things. I have 3 major projects to finish in the next 2 weeks, actual HARD deadline. All 3 are moving along but it’s wearing me down. I’d like to do something ONLY because it’s fun, and that won’t happen for a while. Ah well, it’s silly to complain, right?

  2. Geesh about ready to break out the sweaters again!! It’s only 43 here. And I thought summer was here, ROFLOL. Yeah you got the commissioned quilt all done, good job! And almost with the periwinkle-keep on truckin’! Not sure I have any energy left, haha.

  3. Those periwinkle blocks are so cute. I asked how you made them because I have a similar Accuquilt die that I haven’t yet used, and maybe it needs to be done with my horrifically large stash of Sugar Pie. Have you seen the photos of Lellaboutique’s newest line from Market? It looks like it will really compliment Sugar Pie. I need some!

    Your list of WIPs is a great idea. Maybe I should be so accountable. Then again…

  4. Hey Wendy, I’m 2 for 2 on your post, I have the MSQ foundation paper and the Wordsmith fabric also. And the Mostly Manor fabrics. We be dangerous shopping together. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Fun to see how those periwinkle blocks go together. Looks like you made some good progress in the last few days. Just returned from traveling and will need to figure out where I am tomorrow!

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