Quilt Show Preparation

My schedule changed quite a bit over the weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. I had to cancel some fun outings I had planned with friends and, thankfully, they were graciously understanding. I took a short road trip to help my brother and sister-in-law prepare for a quilt show.

About a month ago, my brother Steve was helping a neighbor fell a tree. The tree took a bad bounce and fell on Steve, breaking his left femur and two fingers. After a month in the hospital, he is home and doing remarkably well. However, he still needs to use a walker and wheelchair to move about.

My sister-in-law Nita has loved quilting for a number of years. She and Steve started What A Hoot Quilting a few years ago. They go to various quilt shows around the area, selling quilting kits and other quilt related items, including the beautiful quilt furniture that my brother makes. You can see those items if you go here.

Nita called me last week to see if I could come and help them prepare for a quilt show in their area coming up this weekend. While Steve is doing so well, they still needed a little help getting things ready for the quilt show. So I left on Sunday and for the next few days helped out in any way I was needed. I had so much fun!

My accommodations were lovely. Here’s a few pictures from my room.

Quilt Show Help sleeps here

A gorgeous bed quilt made by Nita.

The room is a quilt show in itself!

A ladder full of Nita’s quilts in the corner.

Quilt show in my bedroom!

Using a crib for a quilt display. Clever, huh? Nita and Steve have a beautiful home; I love to go and visit. There are quilts tucked here and there, and everything is warm and cozy. She hosts an open house at their home now and then, and it is always so much fun to see how she sets up different displays throughout the house.

This is the view out of Nita’s quilt room. Even though there is still ice on the lake, it is still a beautiful view.

Quilt Show Prep view

Here’s a little view of the production room (quilt room) where all the sewing and kitting was done.

Quilt Show production room
My brother makes the sewing and cutting tables in his shop.

I put kits together, helped cut fabric, sewed quilt bindings, helped move furniture, sanded a little bit of furniture, and embroidered a cute little sampler.

Quilt Show sampler
I stitched the sampler, Nita finished the rest. So cute — the house is a button.

Friends Gather Here — so true. Family, yet friends. We laughed, we talked, we enjoyed quiet company now and then. It was so good to see my brother okay and doing well, and spending time with Nita is always a favorite for me.

Now I am back home, and back to work on my projects. It’s been a good week!




8 thoughts on “Quilt Show Preparation”

  1. hope your brother will heal ok – wow the neighbor must have felt horrible that he was helping him out and got injured. Lovely quilts that they have displayed in the house

  2. Good on you, Wendy, for helping them out! The quilt draped over the side of the crib has a fantastic center star. I’ve long intended to make one very similar, patterned in one of my few pattern books. Maybe this year I’ll actually do it!

  3. Hope your brother recovers quickly.
    It was good you were able to help out and it looks a lovely place to be. I love the view from Nita’s window – what an inspiration

  4. How wonderful to spend time with your family. Family is always top priority for me and it sounds like the same for you. I am glad your brother is recovering. That accident must have been so scary. Hope they had a successful time at the quilt show. Your SIL’s quilts are lovely.

  5. You are such a great sister, and it sounds like a very fun few days. I think it’s wonderful to spend time with those we love; I’m off to see one of my sisters in a few days and am so excited. I’m glad you’re home safe; have a great week!

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