Quilting, Interrupted

My quilting has been interrupted by several different things this week. Most of them have been good. One of the high points of the week was quilt group. Who doesn’t like to spend an evening with a whole gaggle of other quilters? It’s always fun to see what the ladies have been working on.

One quilt that was shown was a postage stamp quilt. The woman showing it was completing the hand quilting on it. This was no small quilt — a very generous queen (if not a king) and, if I understood her correctly, was done before strip piecing became popular. In other words, think 1-inch squares sewn together! She indicated she had spent 250 hours handquilting it. 250 hours!! It was a beautiful yellow quilt, complimented with other pastel colors. I regret that I did not snap a picture.

A surprise gift was given to me by one of the ladies. Isn’t this little pouch cute? I had given her some batik fabric, and she thanked me by making a little pouch out of some of the pieces. I am absolutely delighted.  IMG_4010

I am working on a mug rug for a secret pal swap due at the end of April. Here’s a peek — not much to see, but I can’t show the whole thing yet.  IMG_4002

I ordered this book by Katie Fowler — An Artist’s Journey through Wonderland. It will be a good book for me to read every now and then, to remind me how to think about my creativity. I’ve never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, but she puts the story in a whole new light for me. IMG_4013

Next week I head up north for a conference, so there will be little time for quilting. However, I get to visit with fun people, and I get to spend time by the water.

See you in a couple of weeks!



3 thoughts on “Quilting, Interrupted”

  1. I agree it’s good to see what other people are doing – it can be a real inspiration. Maybe to try something new or just think about improving my work (or doing a bit more of it).
    I’d love to hear what you think of the book – it looks interesting- but then I like Alice in Wonderland anyway.

    1. The book looks at the creative person through the story of Alice in Wonderland. I found it interesting, with some good ideas and encouragement when I fall into creative blocks.

  2. I didn’t know what a postage stamp quilt was so I googled it and then looked at all the images! Wow! I’m in awe of quilters anyway, but when you look at all those little pieces. I think we maybe have a quilt from Chris’s side of the family that was passed down to us as a wedding present. The little pieces are triangular though.
    Have fun at the conference.
    Let us know when you can plan a trip to South Dakota. We’ll help you with that bucket list.

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