Quilts and Home

This week had me thinking about transitions once again. The past year has felt like a steady wave of transitions in our family with job changes, college transitions, living transitions. One thing that stays true amidst all of the transitions, thankfully, is home. Home for me is a refuge from all the to and fro of life. It’s not only the structure and the people, but also the memories.

I have quilts from quite a few of my family members. The colors, the texture, the story behind the fabrics used, all give me comfort and remind me of other homes and the people who loved well. This quilt was handstitched and handquilted by my great grandmother. Something she made is here, in my home, with me. And even though I never knew her, I feel the love through the quilt.

Fabrics date this quilt in the year 1880. Border fabric possibly hand dyed.

This has been a busy week, and it’s been a challenge to get into my quilt cave and get anything done. So here’s the rundown on my quilt projects.

Superhero Quilt – still working on it, doing the same thing as last week. I think I’m being overly fussy with it, so it’s taking me longer than it normally would take me to get any progress made.

Elephant Quilt – the ellies are coming along pretty well. I had to set them aside for a bit to get a few other things done. I only have 8 or so left to do. Can’t wait to get this to my longarmer — she has a plan for them and it’s going to be really fun.


Creativity Challenge– I’m still working on my smash journal. I can’t seem to get the page filled up satisfactorily. Our new challenge has been to read poetry and to illustrate a phrase from a poem we read. I haven’t decided on mine yet, but I have some ideas. In the meantime, I’ve been doodling and coloring.


New Stuff – I’m doing some designing for my brother and sister-in-law’s business, What A Hoot Quilting. This is my first whack at this kind of thing, and it’s kinda fun. The instruction writing is rather tedious, I’ll admit.

There’s a baby shower coming up, and I have something in mind for that, so I’ll need to get at that soon.

And there’s a wedding come up (for a friend of my daughter’s) and quilt talks are in the works for that.

Today I’m off to quilt with a couple of friends, which will be delightful. Tomorrow I’ll visit a local quilt show. It should be a great weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!



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