Road Trip!

This week is clipping along and I’ve been getting some things ready and packing lists made. We love a good road trip! So I am excited to get going.

Today I’ll be handing off the commission quilt to Connie, so she can do her amazing work. This quilt has been a challenge that I hadn’t expected, but it’s done for now. My goal was to get it to Connie before this trip, so I’m doing okay.

Yesterday I was going to get quilting projects lined up to bring along, but after running some errands I came home to find that my laundry sink had plugged and overflowed. So I spent a chunk of time cleaning that up. Boxes of wet kitty litter are a pain to deal with.

So where am I going?  A place where color is bright and beautiful.

Road Trip - Santa Fe 2017

Where the views are breathtaking and different from ours with sunshine — hopefully lots of sunshine!

Road Trip - Tent Rock, Santa Fe, 2017

Bob Dylan sings a nonsensical song about it (those of you who know us knew that Dylan would likely come up!) Have you guessed yet?

Did you say Santa Fe? Well then, you’re right! Even though I’ve been there before, I’ve not looked for a quilt store while there. If you know of any I shouldn’t miss, please leave a comment and let me know.

I may not post as regularly for the next couple of weeks. I will be posting more frequently on Instagram if you follow me there.




8 thoughts on “Road Trip!”

  1. been to Santa Fe and loved it, beautiful place – don’t know about quilt shops I don’t look at every place I go – one way to keep from adding to the stash is not to look for more! have fun

  2. Still in Santa Fe? If you come to Albuquerque, would love to meet you, we are in 2017 Blog Hop together. Lots of quilt stores here. Safe travels.

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