Stars of Joy

Do you remember the little star woolie project I was working on? I had forgotten about them until I unearthed my project list today. It’s been buried under a flurry of scraps from all the Tomte fun going on here.

Stars of Joy - woolie project from Buttermilk Basin -

All I needed to do was add backing fabric and stitch around them. That part was easy. Stuffing them wasn’t. All those little points were a bit difficult.

This pattern is Trio of Joy Stars from Buttermilk Basin. The stars finish at 10 inches. I didn’t want them that big, so I reduced the pattern to 75% and I’m much happier with them.

To add the backing, I just laid the woolie star right sides together with the backing fabric and sewed around the star, leaving a space for turning. After stitching, then I cut the background fabric around the woolie star. It was an easier way to stitch them together for me.

I used a chopstick to get the stuffing into the points, but it didn’t work very well. The points were sharper than I expected, and it was difficult to get the stuffing into those little points.

If I were to make this pattern again, I’d make it into a wall hanging, just stitching the stars onto a fabric background.

Since they didn’t finish well enough for me to give them as a gift, I just decided to add them to my Christmas decorating.

Stars of Joy - finished woolie stars from Buttermilk Basin's Trio of Joy Stars pattern -

Thanks for all the comments on my Christmas stocking and my little Tomte in my earlier posts. A few of you wondered what a stiletto is, so I’ll see if I can get a post together soon to show you how I use it.

I hope you all have a grand weekend full of quiet moments and humming sewing machines! It’s time to get those Christmas projects done! What are you working on this weekend?

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20 thoughts on “Stars of Joy”

  1. I always find stuffing difficult, it is tricky to get the stuffing to spread evenly thoughout the shape. Saying that your little stars look very cute on the mantelpiece. I’m glad you have found a use for them.

  2. Yes, it can be tough to get those inner points and outer point just right, without poking a hole through. But they look great to me, surrounded by holly and candles. I’m working on a quilt for my son for Christmas. BTW, love the snow you added to your site!!!

  3. love your stars they turned out so good – I use stilettos too for pushing out the points on things. I have some little Christmas wool eggs that I want to make and I have a feeling I might get one done this month – I keep getting side tracked

  4. I think it was meant to be yours all along as it looks fantastic with your candles. I want to know how you got the floating dots on your page…I need that to represent snowflakes on my pages!!

  5. Points are tough – these are really cute tho. Look great with the candles. I haven’t decorated anything inside the house yet. I am thinking I will get to it this weekend. I hope! As soon as the painter is out of the living room anyway.

  6. I remember one year long ago I decided to make customized stuffed star ornaments for everyone in my extended family. Oy. Never again! They were cute, but so. much. work. Yours look great!

    I’m looking forward to returning to the boat after a few days at Disney World. I miss my sewing 🙂

  7. I think your woolly stars are lovely, points and all and your display is beautiful, you have a wonderful gift for decorating.

  8. These stars are so adorable and perfect for holiday decoration. I’m still recovering from stuffing all those little owl ornaments I made for a baby shower earlier this year. I’m with Vicki, I just love the snowflakes floating in your post.

  9. I find when I do points, the fabric actually has to be fatter so it doesn’t become so skinny when stuffed… like the star before stuffing would look a little odd because points would be fat! I don’t know if that makes sense.

    I think the decorations still look fabulous! <3

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