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Pieceful Monday

Today I hope you are relaxing, enjoying a good book, laughing with family and friends, and soaking up some of the lovely sunshine.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Texas, Oregon and Montana with flooding and forest fires, for those who have lost homes and belongings and for the safety of the firefighters and rescuers who are selflessly giving their time to help out.

Love those around you today, be generous with your hugs! I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Happy Labor Day!


A 70273 Project Challenge

In January, I posted about The 70273 Project, explaining how I came upon the project and why I decided to join by making some blocks. You can read my original post here. Not long after that, I was invited to share The 70273 Project with our quilt club as a challenge, asking them to join me in making some blocks. Today I’ll share with you today the results of that challenge.

The blocks I’ll show here are those made by some of the women in my quilt group. Each one is unique in its own way, and each one represents one life taken.

You’ll see that the blocks are made using different materials. There are only three sizes for the blocks, and we have some of each size. In all, our group made 54 blocks.

The next step is to scan all the blocks and provenance forms, then give an id tag to each block. Once that is done, the blocks will either be mailed to Jeanne or will be made into a quilt. I’ll decide which once I have the scanning and tagging done.

I’m linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today, since I’m whooping it up for the ladies in my quilt group!

Enjoy your weekend, all!


Wandering Wednesday

I’m starting something new today on my blog. Welcome to Wandering Wednesday! I thought it would be fun to share with you some photos, old and new, of people, places and things. It might be places I’ve wandered, wandering thoughts, or quilts I’ve made that have wandered to their new homes.

Wandering find - Planter at an inn from Bayfield, Wisconsin

On a family trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin, a few years ago we stayed at an inn that had these planters sprinkled throughout their landscaping. They amused me, so I snapped this quick pic of my favorite one.

This picture still makes me smile. Somedays it’s a self-portrait, with my mind overflowing with creative thoughts that just sort of tumble everywhere. Other days it just makes me laugh, because I feel like I have no brain, only pretty little flowers floating around in there!

What do you think of this picture?

I did some wandering with a quilting friend yesterday and enjoyed every minute. I’ll tell you more about that on my next Cool Tool Monday. See you then!


Quilt Show Preparation

My schedule changed quite a bit over the weekend, somewhat unexpectedly. I had to cancel some fun outings I had planned with friends and, thankfully, they were graciously understanding. I took a short road trip to help my brother and sister-in-law prepare for a quilt show.

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The 70273 Project

My one-year anniversary of this blog passed a few days ago. It went by quietly, but I did reflect on it a bit.

As I do many things, I just kinda jumped into the blog thing. I had given it some thought, and my son kept telling me I should, and one night I just did. Armed with little knowledge of what I was doing, I just quit thinking about it and made it happen.

While I could go into reflections after a year of blogging, I’d rather talk about the joy I’ve had in meeting other quilters and friends in the blog world.

Let me introduce you to two. Somewhere along, I came across Lori East Quilts. Isn’t it funny how sometimes you try to remember how you met someone and you can’t, because you feel like you’ve known her forever? Lori makes me laugh out loud at times when I read her posts, or makes me realize that she and I have more things in common than I would have guessed, or she teaches me new ways of thinking on things. She is a creative, fun soul who loves the color red. What’s not to like?

Through Lori, I have met Jeanne Hewell-Chambers, and I’d like to share with you the project that she has undertaken and what I’m doing to help (and you can too). While I’m just getting to know Jeanne, I have been following her blog this past year and find her to be a warm and cheerful lady who obviously loves a challenge!

The 70273 Project. Jeanne was starting a new year, and had some goals for the year in mind. Little did she know what was about to commence. While watching a multi-series documentary with her family, and her “sister-in-love” Nancy, her goal for the next couple of years was changed within minutes.

70,273 people murdered. A quilt project to commemorate. White fabric signifying innocent victims; red fabric, the death sentence. I could explain further, but Jeanne does it so much better. You can read a brief overview here, or click on the link above for more of the story. Better yet, go spend some time on Jeanne’s site and her links to the history behind this project. Learn how you, too, can be involved.

I’m participating by making some blocks. They are simply done and take so little time to do. You don’t even have to know how to sew. Blocks can be made with paint, fabric markers, ribbon. Jeanne has a few specifications for making these, but they are easy to follow.

If you’re interested in joining me, you can find more information on Jeanne’s fact sheet here. If you’d like a good tutorial on making the blocks, Lori East has done a blog post on that here.

Local friends, if you’d like me to meet with your group and present this project, let me know.

This is a great project if your kids are studying this time in history — keep in mind that you could combine a history lesson, with a sewing lesson, or a painting lesson, etc. Even your littles could make a block with your guidance.

This is a great project for a youth group, or a family group project at your church.

This is a great project for a family reunion, or some other type of gathering.

This is a great project. Period.

70,273 precious people put to death. Life is precious. People are precious. Our differences add to the uniqueness and beautiful fabric of our lives. I’m doing this to commemorate them. Why don’t you join me?


One More Peek

On this day before all the festivities of Christmas begin (or continue, if you’ve started early), I wanted to share with you one last peek at my house and the Christmas decorations. I’ve saved the best for last, of course.

When we remodeled our living room, BigJ purposely designed a bookshelf with a space for hanging quilts. It is the focal point of our living room, and I enjoy changing the quilts out every now and then. At Christmas, a star quilt goes in that space. It is one of my favorite quilts, because it was made for me by my sister-in-law. What quilter doesn’t like to receive a quilt?

Nestled beneath the quilt is the nativity scene. The figurines were also given to me by my brother and sister-in-law, so they are special to me. BigJ and the kids, when they were younger, constructed the manger. It is a teensy, fragile little thing that I love. The linen runner beneath came from my grandmother to my mom, to me. I’m quite sure my grandmother did the crochet.

Not only is this scene the focal point of my home during this season, it’s meaning is the focal point of my heart. For Christ came, for me and for you.

Enjoy this time with family and friends, love generously, laugh joyously, hug much, and remember why we celebrate at all.

Merry Christmas!


For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have have eternal life.  –John 3:16

Quilting at the Speed of Life, Part 2

We’ve had good things going on around here lately, but very little of it has involved quilting. And that’s okay. I have high hopes for getting some serious quilting time in September.

Mid-August we moved our daughter into her first solo apartment. Those of you who have done this understand the amount of work that goes into the packing, loading, driving, unloading, etc. It was a whirlwind weekend. She had been at a conference the week of the move, so she literally flew home on Friday, we loaded her stuff on Friday evening, got up and drove to her new place and moved her in on Saturday, and we drove back home on Sunday.

Once that craziness was done, our family took a few days and unplugged at a cabin up north. We loved every minute. We did alot of this.


Just sitting by the water and listening to the waves lap.

In the evenings, we did this.


While we waited to see this.


During some of the days, we managed to tear ourselves away from the water and did a little of this.

Is this chocolate? Oh no, no, no. This is Daily Grind. Coffee ice cream, with espresso beans and caramel swirls. Oh. My. Goodness.

Some of us did this.


In between all of that were endless games of Ticket to Ride, and naps. Lots of naps.

I am still working on Mount Hood. I ended up having to take the inner borders off because they were not the right width for the pieced border. Now that the pieced borders are sewn together, I can determine the width of the inner border and get both borders sewn on. Here’s to hoping my calculations are correct. The downside to this new calculation is that I may not have enough blue material for the final outer border. I am determined to finish this from my stash, so we’ll see what I come up with. I hope to have some pictures of the quilt for you on Friday.

So here’s to a quieter September, fall weather, and time to quilt!



Pieceful Monday

I’m remembering my dad today, along with his brothers and countless others who have, and those who are, so faithfully serving our country. All through his life, my dad never failed to pray for our country and its leaders. I wish he was still with me, so I could thank him and love him up.

Here’s a little show of a patriotic quilt I made a few years ago. I usually hang it for the 4th, but I think of post of it today is appropriate.  It is a Kaye England pattern from a kit I purchased years ago.


Happy Memorial Day, everyone!



If We Were Having Coffee


I’d tell you that sometimes I feel I am back at my roots, standing on a Dakota prairie, with miles and miles of wide openness. The wind is blowing around me, swirling the prairie grass and teasing my nose with various scents.

I’d tell you that I don’t know if I like it, this place where I am. Sometimes I hate it, and sometimes it’s the best thing ever. I’d tell you that lots of good things have happened in our family lately, while I’m standing still and life is swirling around me.

I’d tell you that I don’t realize I anchor all the activity going on around me. I don’t realize how much my family depends on my standing here, being here. I’d tell you that I’m grateful you often remind me of how important that is.

I’d tell you that sometimes I wonder if this is all that’s left for me, this anchor thing. I’d tell you that sometimes it feels so much less than what others are doing.

I’d tell you that now I need to quit overthinking this and just be content with my view from the prairie. I’d tell you that trust is hard; that trusting God is hard, sometimes.

But I’d also tell you that this view from the Dakota prairie is the most beautiful thing. Ever.