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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is my catchup to Throwback Thursday, so I can join in with Sandra’s linky party at Musings of a Menopausal Melon. She’s asking us to post quilts that we made before we were bloggers. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let me show you one of my batik quilts from way back.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, pattern by Judy Martin - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

When I first began quilting, I used batiks often because I enjoyed the way the fabrics blended together. I bought this fabric as a bundle, if I remember correctly. I cannot recall where I bought it, but it was a local quilt shop.

The pattern is called Thunderstruck and it’s from the book Piece’n’Play Quilts by Judy Martin. The book gives instructions for the blocks, then encourages playing with the arrangement until you come up with something you like. You can follow the suggested layouts in the book, or you can do your own thing.

I worked on this quilt at one of the first quilt retreats I ever went to. Late one night, I mustered up my courage to put my blocks up on a design wall. Putting blocks up on a design wall with no pattern to follow was intimidating enough. Then I heard a woman behind me say, “Is it supposed to look like that?” I just turned and smiled. I worked on it just a bit longer, then took down the blocks and went to bed. It makes me chuckle now; it wasn’t funny then.

I still like the bright colors and the way they play together.

Flashback Friday - block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I took the quilt to Connie, and she used a swirly pattern with a varigated thread.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

For the back, I found a backing that was kind of homely on its own, but worked well with the quilt.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, back view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The quilt is lap size, and perfect for snuggling under during a movie.

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Enjoy your weekend, friends!



Mini Quilt Fun

Have you ever participated in a quilt swap, either online or in person? They really are quite fun. I think what I enjoy most is getting to know another person. When I get the little bio that my partner fills out, I find it fun to see if I can create something that will match what he/she likes.

Here are a few that I’ve made.

This is the first one I made. It is a combination of quilting and wool appliqué. I was so nervous about this one — it was a little out of my color zone and I was tweaking a pattern. I had no idea whether the recipient would like it or not. It was machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.  I really did have fun making it.


Here’s my second one. This was a pattern for a block I found online and I just made one block into a mini quilt. I used batiks, which are a favorite of mine. This one is machine pieced and hand quilted. I was much more confident when making this one.


And one more. My confidence had definitely grown with this one. I made up the pattern, used 3D pinwheel blocks, took a try at appliqué, lots of curves on those flowers. This was machine pieced and hand quilted. I hand quilted all of them because I was too chicken to machine quilt them.


So there’s a little throwback Thursday fun from my end of the world.

What about you? Have you participated in a swap? Did you enjoy it?

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Throwback Thursday

I spent much of the day yesterday pondering how dependent on electricity I am, mainly because I didn’t have any. Much of my day consisted of three things — hand stitching, reading and naps. The naps weren’t planned, but were a natural occurrence due to getting up at 5 a.m., stitching the binding on a queen size quilt in a hot and humid house, and reading drowsiness.

Here’s a peek at the binding I stitched between naps. Yes — that’s the wedding quilt being finished, and just in time — the wedding is this weekend!


Today is Throwback Thursday. Four years ago this week, we had two weddings. One here in Minnesota (July 6th) and one in Canada (June 30). I remember both of them because they were family weddings, but also because it was one crazy road trip for our family. The quilt shown below was made for the Canadian wedding, our nephew Adam and his lovely wife, Jenn. They are now parents of little Benny, who is one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever seen.


Look at the quilt, not me goofing around or the lovely background clutter 🙂

Now that the power is back on, it’s back to regular programming today. I’m almost done with the sample stitching for What A Hoot Quilting, so I’ll show you some of those tomorrow.

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