The Reveal!

The reveal of the commission quilt is finally here. 30 blocks, 53 pieces in each block, for a total of 1,590 pieces in this quilt. The quilt was given to its new owner on Saturday, and she is thrilled with it! Yippee!

The Beginning

If you recall, it all began with this little basket of squares. There are around 960 1-1/2 inch squares in that basket! I was wishing for a die cutter . . .

The Reveal -

So Much Stitching

Eventually, all those little squares started to come together, like this. In the end, there were so many intersecting seams on this quilt!

I purchased all of the fabric for the quilt from Margo at Reproduction Fabrics. The quilting was done by my talented friend, Connie, of Turnberry Lane Machine Quilting.

What I Learned

I learned quite a bit about myself as I made this quilt. I’m an impatient quilter. I whine alot (okay, already knew that.) The blocks took some time to sew together, and I often found myself getting frustrated that it wasn’t getting them done done faster. Had I read through the instructions more thoroughly, I would have constructed these blocks differently.

In the end, as in any quilt project, I loved it in its final form. It has so much eye movement.

Let’s Get to the Reveal!

Ok, let’s get to the details. The quilt was made from a pattern in the book Civil War Remembered: 19 Quilts Using Reproduction Fabrics by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene. The name of the quilt, which I am not fond of, is Devil’s Claw. Presumably, this is named after the herb which, according to Google, is used for pain and osteoarthritis. If you scroll through the pictures found here, you may be able to see a bit how the quilt pattern looks a bit like the plant. Even though the plant is pretty, I still don’t like the name.

The Reveal - Devil's Claw -

Here’s a picture in the sunlight that shows the beautiful meandering feather stitch quilting.

The Reveal - Quilting View -

Another view of the quilting, up close.

The Reveal - Quilting Closeup -

Here’s a picture of the back showing the quilting,

The Reveal - Quilting Closeup of Back -

And one of more of the back and the lovely quilting.

The Reveal - back view -

I am so delighted that she likes the quilt. She shared some of her thoughts with me about the quilt and what it meant to her, and that makes it all worthwhile! That is why I love to make quilts for others!

Enjoy your Monday, friends! Happy stitching!





27 thoughts on “The Reveal!”

  1. That is a wonderful quilt! I love the pattern, color choice and all. If you don’t like the pattern name, you could just call it “that amazing quilt that Wendy made.” People would quickly know what you were talking about.

  2. This quilt is so pretty. Thank you for the post. By the way, I don’t like the name of it either. Have a great Monday!!

  3. Beautiful! I love how the quilting complements the piecing, the curving lines balancing the straight seams.
    As far as the time issue, I know I have been influenced by all those quilting book titles like “8 hour quilts” and “24 hours to quilt mastery.” Most of my brain knows they’re not realistic, but part of my brain believes them, and nags at me to be done, already! 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful quilt Wendy! I love your fabric choices. And a wonderful job on the quilting too! I love making quilts for others, it bring joy to your heart.

  5. I LOVE the play of the feathers against the geometric pattern; as you said, lots of movement!

  6. Love this quilt Wendy. Maybe you and I should never quilt together because I’m a big whiner when it comes to piecing small HSTs. Thankfully I have a die cutter. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi, Wendy! Your quilt is fabulous and I thought I’d let you know that the title of Devil’s Claw came from a book identifying old blocks. So we didn’t actually name it but used the name assigned to it over the years. A friend sent me your post and I will agree that this block does not sew up fast!! I have made it in brights which was also fun but looks best in reproduction prints. Nice job!
    Mary Etherington of Country Threads

  8. I’m so glad to see the reveal. Its a beautiful quilt and I think the quilting choice was excellent. I understand not liking the pattern name – how about angel’s talons as another way to think about it? I am glad the recipient is thrilled, too. Nice work.

  9. Beautiful finish!!! Great job! Btw, we don’t get the name anymore, since there’s some cultural reference that is no longer there. The block has other names, too, like Turkey Tracks and Crow’s Feet. By any name, it’s beautiful.

  10. Wendy, Words cannot begin to say how breathtaking this reveal is. I can’t imagine all those pieces. One day, maybe, I’ll try something of this magnitude. In the meantime, maybe I’ll just have to come back here and admire yours.

  11. Fab.u.lous. i am not crazy about the name either, but it’s one of my favorite patterns. Beautiful job!!

  12. Beautiful quilt, I’m sure it will be treasured by the new owner.
    I’m interested to know what you would have done differently? Might make an interesting post…

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