This and That Wednesday

This and that. My week of projects has been like that — a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

I thought I’d have a really productive weekend. It was quiet, and we had an extra day with the holiday on Monday. I apparently have hit a bit of an impasse with my quilting, because I got very little done on this long weekend.

Quilt Alongs I’ve Joined

I’ve decided to do the Squiggles Quilt Along with Christa Watson. There’s still time to join us on this fun, easy quilt. I’ll be using some Alison Glass Sunprint fabric and some of her text fabric for my version of Squiggles. This is the picture I posted on Instagram, with my Quilter’s Planner in the background.

This and That Wednesday - Squiggles QAL fabric - 2018

I’m ready to begin sewing that together soon.

I’m also in the Regatta QAL hosted by Home Sewn by Us. I haven’t gotten all of my fabric for this one yet. I’ll post pictures once I’m working on the quilt. I may end up making two, because I’m being very indecisive about fabric!

Two friends and I decided we would all work on the Gypsy Wife pattern by Jen Kingwell. The three of us get together to stitch each month, so this will be fun. I’m going scrappy (I think) with mine. I have the book, but nothing to show yet!

I told you I was having a very non-productive weekend.

UFO #4

Last Friday I posted about UFO #5. However, I haven’t shown #4 until now. Actually I wasn’t going to post about it, because there’s just so much about it I don’t love. Except the verse on the quilt.

This and That Wednesday - Sampler view - 2018

I began working on this sampler back in November of 2016 and you can read about that here. I decided to hand quilt it, and I’m not sure why. In the end, I would have been happier with machine quilting.

Here’s the verse in a closer view. The only reason I like it is because this verse makes me chuckle.

This and That Wednesday - Sampler Verse - 2018

This and That Wednesday - Sampler Verse - 2018

Truly, there are days like that in my house!

Gotta Start Somewhere

In other news, I decided to try free motion again. Now that I have a new machine, it’s time for me to learn. I pulled out this floral fabric, made a quilt sandwich, and just played around with quilting around the edges of the flowers. This view doesn’t look too bad. There were other places that got a bit jerky.

This and That Wednesday - free motion quilting practice - 2018

And there you are, a little of this and a little of that.

Hope you are enjoying some productive quilting mojo in your neck of the woods!

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20 thoughts on “This and That Wednesday”

  1. If you got fabric cut for Regatta and Squiggles, it sounds like a pretty productive couple of days! I’m always surprised at how long cutting can take.

    Your little stitchery quilt is darling! I especially like the red roses on the hair line of the poem πŸ™‚ Some people mix hand and machine quilting on the same piece. If you’re tired of hand quilting this one, maybe you could add a bit of machine stitching too?

    Great job on your FMQ practice, too! That’s a really good way to learn, by outlining. I think I outlined stuff for about a year by making lots of little panel quilts for Project Linus and I still use it. I really like the way it makes designs pop. I saw a photo of a quilt where the backing was a big floral like that and the maker had quilted it from the back just outlining the flowers. It looked great on the top.

  2. Wendy you are making great progress. Can’t make any progress without fabric. I’m sure once it arrives you will whip through that quilt quickly.

  3. I think you have chosen pretty fun QAL’s to participate in. Will you guys only work on Gypsy Wife when you are together? Is that Kaffe Fassett I spy on your #5 UFO? I love that quote! I think it is most of us quilters πŸ™‚ I do hope you will keep practicing with your FMQ, because what you have done around the flowers looks amazing! Just keep quilting.

  4. I love your Squiggles choices-that’s a very professional pic BTW:) I think your #4 UFO is cute-and oh so true for us, hehe. You keep right on FMQ, it is looking good, with more practice you will get more comfortable with it.

  5. I am so pleased to see your Squiggles cut. That is my goal for today. UFO#3 is sweet but I totally understand not being in love with something for one reason or another. I think your machine quilting is coming along nicely. Also, remember that much of the little errors we see DO disappear when washed and loved by the recipient. We are too harsh on ourselves. I think you got quite a bit done.

    1. Kathleen,
      You are so spot on with the FMQ comment! Most people do not look all that closely. They don’t know enough to look for anything wrong, and really who looks at every single stitch??? No one except the person who quilted it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I just saw Squiggles on Jan’s website yesterday. It looks so fun! She was trying to be a bad influence and asked me to join in. I would SO love to! But I just cannot right now. I will love to watch from the sidelines though – I can’t wait to see your choices come together. So darn pretty – it can’t help but be great. AND I LOVE THAT VERSE!! HA – so darn true for a lot of us. Me for sure! Great job on the FMQ. We both know that’s the only way to improve – I’m glad you are acting on that advice, unlike me who has not yet. But will. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Congratulations on your new machine! What kind did you get? I think your free motion quilting looks really good. Have you tried invisible thread? It’s great when you’re learning because it hides all the little hiccups and wiggles. I love that text print you’re using for your Squiggles QAL.

    1. Thank you! I bought a Janome Skyline S7 and really enjoy it. I had just enough of that text print, phew! 😊

  8. Love that saying on your mini! Great job finishing it. Love your Alison Glass project. How are you doing GW? Our group decided to start at the front of the book and work our way through the blocks. The other approach is to work section by section.

  9. Two sew alongs AND Gypsy Wife, you will be busy. I intend to make Regatta too but it has to wait in the queue. I can certainly empathise on the FMQ, my aim is to improve this year too (again), I will look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I can’t believe how indecisive I am for Regatta. I can make simple things difficult!

  10. Oh, I think there is so much to love about your sampler! It makes me smile 😊 You did all the embroidery, I am so impressed.
    Keep on going with FMQ, your stitches are so nice and even, that is a major hurdle I am still trying to conquer πŸ˜‹

  11. Love, love the wall hanger! So apropos to this house, too. And you FMQ is excellent! Very nice stitches. I think you’re past needing practice, and on with the quilting!

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