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Needles, thread, scissors, sewing machines. Women gathered, chattering away, while fingers stitched quilts together. The banter, laughter. The smell of coffee brewing.

These are some of the memories I have of growing up in a sewing community. The church ladies, yes; but also neighbors, friends. A beautiful creative legacy.

My grandmother was a seamstress, my mother sewed clothes and quilts, my sister-in-law quilts, has owned a quilt shop, and now teaches quilting. Playing with fabric has been part of me for as long as I can remember. When I quilt, I’m with all of these ladies in heart. One of my current projects is applique. I am using some of my grandmother’s needles as I stitch (pictured above — zowie, are they sharp!). It fills me with joy to use some of the tools that she so often used.

Did I grow up loving to play with needle and thread? No, actually. But I have always had a love affair with fabric — the feel, the patterns, the colors. And so, later in life I learned to quilt.

I’m primarily self-taught; however, I have family and friends who have nurtured my quilting through the years. I’m an avid reader, so when I want to learn a new technique I read about it, watch it, then try it. I just beginning to enjoy quilt classes.

I usually have several projects going at once (don’t we all?). Sometimes I stick with one until it’s finished, sometimes only until I feel like I need a break from it. Eventually they get finished. Even while I’m working on projects, another is brewing in my head. I enjoy every minute of it.

So — welcome to my quilting life. Soon I’ll post some pictures of what I’m up to. For now, feel free to follow me on my journey.

6 thoughts on “Threads of Thought”

  1. Yes Wendy! I was into quilting in the late 80’s & into the 90’s. Just got back into quilting. I too have always loved fabric. ? Best wishes to you from Missouri.

  2. You sound like me, Wendy. I have several projects started, just to break the monotony; and I’m constantly brainstorming about what I can do next. With so many projects going at once, they are ‘slow going;’ but I keep at them and eventually get them finished. I also have two quilt tops that my mom wanted me to finish for her.

  3. I remember walking into your mother’s quilting room and being blown away by the colors and fabrics. I didn’t know she quilted until then. I will quilt vicariously through your blog, as my current obsession is knitting. Your cousin, LuAnn

    1. And I, in return, will knit vicariously through you. I tried knitting when I was 3 and quickly gave it up. 🙂 I have done some knitting, but enjoy quilting much more. Good to hear from you!

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