Throwback Thursday

I spent much of the day yesterday pondering how dependent on electricity I am, mainly because I didn’t have any. Much of my day consisted of three things — hand stitching, reading and naps. The naps weren’t planned, but were a natural occurrence due to getting up at 5 a.m., stitching the binding on a queen size quilt in a hot and humid house, and reading drowsiness.

Here’s a peek at the binding I stitched between naps. Yes — that’s the wedding quilt being finished, and just in time — the wedding is this weekend!


Today is Throwback Thursday. Four years ago this week, we had two weddings. One here in Minnesota (July 6th) and one in Canada (June 30). I remember both of them because they were family weddings, but also because it was one crazy road trip for our family. The quilt shown below was made for the Canadian wedding, our nephew Adam and his lovely wife, Jenn. They are now parents of little Benny, who is one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever seen.


Look at the quilt, not me goofing around or the lovely background clutter 🙂

Now that the power is back on, it’s back to regular programming today. I’m almost done with the sample stitching for What A Hoot Quilting, so I’ll show you some of those tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. The quilt looks lovely!
    We are so dependent on electricity aren’t we? It’s fun to try to do things the way our ancestors did though.

    1. Thank you, Norma! No electricity always makes me realize how much hard work our ancestors did in a day, and how little I could do in comparison!

  2. God forbid that the electricity goes out around here–temps are in the high 90’s. How did people live before a/c? I mean, I lived before a/c, but I don’t think it was this hot! Sure, I was young and had never been in a/c longer than an hour or so, but still…whew!

    Anyway, I understand your need to nap and to do quiet activities–reading and needlework are perfect! Your quilts are lovely. I’m guessing they are in constant use!

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliments, Mary! I am totally dependent on a/c and definitely not a fan of hot weather! I lived before a/c too, as a kid and agree with your sentiments! Hope it cools down for you and that your a/c keeps humming!

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