Vintage Tumbler

Vintage Tumbler, that’s what I’m calling this quilt. Okay, the quilt top and fabric isn’t really vintage, but it sure feels like it is to me. I’ve had it gathering dust on my shelves long enough. I’m not telling how long. Ha!

Originally this quilt top had an additional cream border, which was supposed to have appliquéd vines and pumpkins. I started this before I had done much appliqué and I was not enjoying it at all. So, I ripped the cream borders off yesterday, and just decided to leave it with the narrow border.

Vintage Tumbler - full view - 2018

Not all things match up on the top, and I could’ve been a little more careful with the layout, but I’ve always liked the colors in the quilt. Some of the cream tumbler fabric has sparkles in it. Who doesn’t like sparkles now and then?

I used a backing from my stash. I had just enough, which made me happy. Enough for the quilt, and one more piece off my shelf!

For the quilting, I just decided to keep it simple and follow the line of the tumblers. I had a variegated rusty orange thread in my thread stash, a YLI 40 wt that, thankfully, worked pretty well. I really like the pattern on the back from the quilting.

Vintage Tumblers - back view - 2018

Here’s a closer view of the back.

Vintage Tumbler - quilting detail - 2018

When I did the quilting, I just stitched from the border all along the tumblers.

Vintage Tumbler - quilting detail - 2018

Once I finished that stitching, I had the two side borders that needed some stitching, so I just echoed the pattern around the tumblers. It worked out okay, even though the stitching is closer together than on the other blocks. Oh well!

Vintage Tumblers - Side Border Quilting - 2018

Here’s another view, hopefully you can see the border stitching.

Vintage Tumbler - Side Border Detail - 2018

And that’s one more UFO done. I’m pretty excited about that!

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17 thoughts on “Vintage Tumbler”

  1. That thread was the perfect color, and I love the texture the quilting gives on the back! Looking at the finished quilt, I’m not sure a cream border would’ve done anything for it. Good call in leaving them off! And congrats on another UFO finish!!

  2. Super finish-good for you!! I like that you ghosted in the tumbler in the border. I like it better this way than with cream borders.

  3. This is neat, Wendy! I love that you echoed “ghost tumblers” into the border. Following the piecing like that is a go-to for me and it always looks great. The colors are so rich, and yes, vintage looking 🙂

  4. This turned out beautifully! I love the simple quilting you chose, it highlights the tumbler blocks perfectly. I really really love how you finished the borders off with the ghost tumblers. Congrats on this UFO finish! That has to feel amazing! Now you have a beautiful mini quilt to enjoy 🙂

  5. I like your quilting on that – I have so much vintage fabric that sometime I just need to start cutting into it all and make a bunch of really easy patchwork quilts and get rid of it, I don’t even want some of this fabric anymore

  6. ^5 for a UFO finish! This looks great how it is – clearly didn’t suffer from losing its cream and intended applique. 🙂 Love how you quilted the lines into the borders as well.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    I love this tumbler quilt! The colors are just fabulous, and the quilting is striking. I have always had one of these on my list to make . . . and I’ve never gotten around to it yet. You are going to motivate me to do so! ~smile~ Roseanne

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