Wandering Wednesday

Wandering Wednesday, Ocean Play, (c) 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

My thoughts are wandering to sunny days lately. We haven’t had too many here, and we’re all waiting for warm days, sunshine, and going to the lake!

The picture above is a memory of a trip we made to Florida a few years ago. We had some time to spend at the ocean, so that was where we headed first. My daughter and a couple of friends had a great time splashing in the waves.

My thoughts are back on oceans as of late. BigJ and I are trying to make a decision, so I’m going to ask your opinion. If you had the choice to go to Hawaii or Maine, which would you choose and why? These two might seem like odd companions, but we have reasons we’d like to go to both.

Enjoy the rest of your week, friends! See you Friday with all my finishes for the week!


10 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday”

  1. I think I would go to Maine as we could take the camper there – I have only seen one tiny corner of Maine and I would love to see the whole state or as much of it as I can – especially the shore area which must be beautiful – I have never been to Hawaii but that means flying and although I don’t mind flying all that much it is a very long trip – where as yes Maine is a long trip from me too if we had the camper we would be taking our time and seeing more things along the way

  2. I spend part-time in Maine and we’ll retire there in a few years. I can’t say anything about Hawaii, as the long flight is a deterrent for my husband so I don’t think I’ll ever see it! I am sure it will be fun deciding!

  3. Ooh, tough choice! I think I’d choose Maine, because we’ve been to Hawaii several times on vacation already. We’ve also been to Maine, but I feel like we only touched a tiny part of it and there’s lots more to explore.

  4. I vote for Hawaii! I love warm – especially after this long, cold winter. However, Main would also be lovely, and a LOT less expensive. So you win either way you choose!

  5. What time of year? I get plenty of cold here in Colorado, so I think I’d go with the warm beaches in Hawaii. But if you’re going in the fall, I’d want to see Maine.

  6. I love the nice sunny warm days in Hawaii! And nice beaches. The flight is long, but we have been there several times and was a favorite place to visit and relax. Lots of nice eating places within walking distance. Never been to Maine so that might be a nice place to visit too!

  7. I’ve never been to Maine, but I’ve been to Hawaii twice and absolutely love it! Maui is my favorite – wonderful weather, plenty to see and do. We also went to the Big Island one time, which was really different – you could go from 80 degrees at the beach to snow on the mountains!

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