Wandering Wednesday

Today is our last full day in Santa Fe. My wandering has not been as fruitful as I had hoped, but I have managed to get out and about a little. The ankle brace is working nicely, and I’m on the mend.

On the first part of our trip, we stayed with BigJ’s sister in Colorado. It warmed my heart to see that she still has the little table runner I made her years and years ago. I was a new quilter then, and I remember sewing all of those flying geese!

Wandering Wednesday - Table runner, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

Linda has a beautiful home. She is a gifted artist, and I thoroughly enjoy seeing her work on display throughout the house. I didn’t think to take any pictures, sorry. I was too busy chattering her ear off!

Just a stay overnight, and then we were wandering our way to New Mexico. The drive started out overcast with a tiny bit of snow, and some odd things to see. This made us both chuckle.

Wandering Wednesday, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

Soon we were wandering under sunny skies along an open range. The horses weren’t the least bit bothered by us going by, but we were quite amused by them.

Wandering Wednesday, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

Farther down the road, we stopped to watch some rafters on the Rio Grande. I have to admit, this is something I’ve always thought would be fun, although I’d probably chicken out if the opportunity came up. Hehe.

Wandering Wednesday, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

We made a quick stop in Taos and did a little bit of shopping, then wandered our way to Santa Fe. Once we settled into our casa, we walked downtown for dinner. The air here is redolent with the smell of springtime florals. The lilacs are just beginning to bloom. It’s just lovely!

Wandering Wednesday, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

Finally, Sunday afternoon our wandering took us to Santa Fe Quilting. Since I was hobbling a bit, I focused on getting around and didn’t take any pictures. I did, however, pick up some supplies for Sashiko and have been stitching on that.

Wandering Wednesday - Sashiko, 2017 piecefulthoughts.com

Of course I picked up some fabric and a pattern too. It is a very nice shop, the owner was so friendly and willing to help. It’s worth a visit if you are in Santa Fe!

Tomorrow we begin wandering home, but there will be quilt shop stops along the way, cranky ankle or no!

Enjoy your day, friends!


8 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday”

  1. I’m sure you are having fun seeing things and shopping a little too, always fun to browse shops that you have never seen before – I missed that you had hurt your ankle in some way, hope it isn’t bad – well it must not be real bad to be walking to dinner

  2. Glad you a lovely trip and that ankle is on the mend! It looks like you got some sunshine….always a good thing when you are escape winter. Got a sashiko project myself to do one day.

  3. When we traveled the US in our RV, we were always struck by how beautiful it is in New Mexico. We decided it has the best sky in the lower 48!

    I’m glad you were able to get around enough on your ankle to enjoy the quilt shop 🙂

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