Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings isn’t wandering far today. We’re sticking close to home, but I’ll share a bit about wanderings coming up! It’s Project Central around here. Both BigJ and I are up to our ears in things to get done.

His Project

BigJ is up to something in our garage. While I was gone to the quilt show, he finished a project. He made barstools for our kitchen/living room area. They are his own design and the first chairs he’s ever made. Cool. huh?

Wednesday Wanderings - BigJ Chairs -

His project this week, however, is a mighty big mess in our garage (thankfully). He is preparing for a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). There are tarps, backpacks, fishing poles, fishing lures, chairs and all kinds of whatnot all over the floor and tables in the garage. I’m not showing a picture; it’s not pretty. This is a yearly event that affects him much like a quilt show and fabric shopping affects me. I’ll just be happy when I can get my car back in the garage!

Her Project(s)

While I was at the quilt show, one of the goals I had in mind was to look at some new sewing machines. For the last twelve years I’ve been sewing on my little Janome Gem Platinum. I love the little tyke, it’s been a real workhorse, but I am somewhat limited when it comes to finishing quilts. I’ve been putting some money aside for a new machine, and felt I was at the point where I should begin looking.

BigJ was just a little stunned when I sent him a quick text saying “Okay if I buy a new sewing machine?” It was a joke, really. I wasn’t going to buy one there, but I did want to prepare him because we were going to talk when I got home.

Long story short, my quilt room now looks much like his garage mess, except that there is a big box with foam inserts in the middle of the room with the wording Janome Skyline S7 on the side. There’s a new kid on the block in my quilt room, and the moving in process has left a mess. I’m not showing a picture of that either; it’s not pretty. So, more on the new kid in a later post, after we’ve gotten to know each other a little better.

Quilt Show Favorites

A few of you said you were looking forward to more posts from the quilt show, so I’ll show you a couple of my favorite quilts I saw at the show. There were so many, it was difficult to choose, but of the pictures I have, these two are favorites.

New York Beauty blocks are my all-time favorite, so this little quilt drew me in right away. The middle photo shows how tiny the blocks are, with that clip for perspective.

Quilts with loads of color make me happy, and I’ve always been fascinated with improv quilts. So I had to share this quilt because it is a definite favorite.

Another highlight of the show was traveling with friends as well as meeting up with some online friends.

Wednesday Wanderings - Quilting Friends -
My two traveling companions, Connie and Tracie, both talented quilters and good friends!

It was so much fun to meet Sherry Shish from Powered by Quilting. She is one busy lady and very talented quilter. We had a delightful visit over lunch.

Well, that’s it for today, friends! I have a new kid in my quilt room who wants to play. See ya later!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings”

  1. great for you to get a new machine!! have fun learning the ins and outs of it. Lovely chair that your hubby made – talented for sure! always nice for the hubby to have a hobby too — I hate hearing a lot of times that when both are retired that the husbands main thing to do is watching tv – such a waste of time – a person needs to be active!

  2. Woohoo!! A new machine! How fun!

    Big J did a nice job on the stools. You’d better keep him! Hope he enjoys his trip. I have fond memories of the BWCA from a couple of trips long, long ago.

  3. First chair!!! That is really impressive. I showed my husband the pic, He said, “That must have took some time.” I am impressed with the seat indents or whatever that ‘s called. Have fun sewing and you celebrated National Sewing Machine Day yesterday very well!

  4. Woo hoo for a new sewing machine! At some point, if I am going to be doing quilting on larger quilts, I need to do the same thing. But I love my inexpensive, little Brother machine. Glad you enjoyed the quilt show. –Andrea

  5. Woo hoo! New machine! Lucky you, to have a new friend to play with 🙂

    I’m very impressed with BigJ’s chair, too. Woodworking isn’t easy, and making a comfortable chair is a big accomplishment.

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