Wednesday Wanderings

I haven’t posted a Wednesday Wanderings in awhile, and since I have been wandering a bit as of late, I thought it appropriate to post a few pictures.

One of the things we enjoy while traveling is finding coffee shops. Not Starbucks or other chains, but local coffee shops. Thank goodness for Mr. Google and all things internet these days, which makes that so much easier!

While we were on our way to Florida, we stopped by Innkeeper’s Coffee in Galesburg, Illinois.  It was a bit of a drive off the freeway, further complicated by construction, but well worth the effort. Upon entering the shop, I was surprised at how bright and sunshiny it was. It was just a happy place to be. The staff were smiling and cheerful, as well as patient as we tried to decide what we wanted. We are a divided family, with two of us coffee drinkers and two tea drinkers. All of us agreed that the coffee and tea were delicious! I was so busy with ordering coffee and looking around that I forgot to snap any pictures, except for this boring (and blurry) one of the street signage. If you go to their website, however, and click on “About Us” you can see a photo of the inside.

Wednesday Wanderings - coffee shop -

Anyway, if you are traveling through Illinois and are near Galesburg, it’s worth the stop!

Works In Progress

Meanwhile, I’ve been stitching away on the Maureen Cracknell kit, with little to show for it I’m afraid. If I get some decent stitching done today I should get the second set of blocks done. They go together pretty quickly, so if I stay on task I should have the top done — maybe this weekend!

I made another little dress, so now I have two. I do plan to make a few more.

Wednesday Wanderings - pillowcase dress -

Wandering Wednesday - pillowcase dress -

I also made this little flannel receiving blanket, and had enough flannel left over to make two little burp cloths. This will be gifted later this week. I’ve had the fabric in my stash just waiting for the right time, so I was happy for that. The flannel is so soft and snuggly.

Wednesday Wanderings - receiving blanket -

And just as I decided to take this picture my camera ran out of battery, so I apologize for the dark photo.

What are you up to this week? I’d love to hear!



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings”

  1. We love visiting the mom and pop places when we’re traveling too. Breakfast is a great time because many of the locals are there and on their way to work. It really gives us a flavor of the folks who live in these places. Your WIPS are looking good!

  2. Nice post, full of good wandering. BTW, the next time you’re in IL, you should let me know, we can shop and get into some trouble.

  3. Looking for local coffee shops is a great goal! We generally drink our coffee at home on the boat, so we look for local restaurants for dinner instead of the chains. Charleston is chock full of local joints; it’s great!

    Yesterday I did boat maintenance sewing, which isn’t nearly as fun as quilting. Wrangling the thick Sunbrella fabric makes me grateful for soft, cooperative cotton 🙂

  4. Love the coffee shop reviews. Always good to know! We’re off to the Portland Museum of Art today – maybe some inspiration there!

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