Wednesday Wanderings

Hi everyone! We are back from our anniversary trip and we had a wonderful time. Once we got our ducks in a row,

Wednesday Wanderings - Boston Public Gardens -
Make Way for Ducklings – Boston Public Gardens

we walked all over Boston, finally finding our way to Fenway Park for the game. Red Sox fans, just for one night!

Wednesday Wanderings - Fenway Park -

We walked over 17,000 steps in Boston and barely covered all there was to see. The next morning, we headed toward Maine. We stopped in Amesbury, MA at this little place called The Noshery for brunch.

Wednesday Wanderings - The Noshery -

That’s a crepe, filled with scrambled eggs & bacon, topped with maple syrup. It was delicious!

We made a couple of stops (one quilt shop, more about that later) and then we were finally at our home for the next few days.

Wednesday Wanderings - Cabin Life -

It was a lovely cabin, situated on a point with a beautiful view. We spent quite a bit of time just relaxing on the deck.

Wednesday Wanderings - cabin view -

Day trips included a drive to White Mountain National Park in New Hampshire and one to Acadia National Park in Maine. Here’s a view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. That little town below is Bar Harbor.

Wednesday Wanderings - Cadillac Mountain -

We walked through some lovely Maine towns — Boothbay Harbor, Damariscotta, Belfast, Round Pond, Bar Harbor.

I didn’t bring any sewing with me and the only tech item I had was my phone. Most days when we were around the cabin, I read. I’m reading a series by Louise Penny. I brought one book along, and came home with two more.

When I wasn’t reading, I decided to play a bit with watercolor. This picture is another shot off of the deck.

Wednesday Wanderings - Deck view -

I decided to try making a watercolor of it. I don’t do much watercolor, but it’s very relaxing. It’s just for me anyway, so I’m good with it.

Wednesday Wanderings - watercolor -

I even left my messy little napkin in the photo to prove I actually did this. Haha. I did just a few paintings to remind me of things we did on the trip.

We ate more lobster than I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was very tasty and very fresh.

Wednesday Wanderings - lobster lunch -

So of course I had to paint that too.

Wednesday Wanderings - lobster painting -

If you follow me on Instagram, you also saw that I had my first raw oyster. It was much better than I thought it would be. It was huge, so I had visions of choking on it, but I didn’t. I’m glad I tried it.

I did design some little quilt blocks too, so we’ll see if I get them out of the paper stage!

I visited three quilt shops on the trip. More about those in my next post.

We had a wonderful time on our trip. The people we met were so kind and friendly. Thanks to those of you who gave me advice on places to visit. It made the trip even better! We’re so glad we went, but so happy to be home! (And boy, did I miss my sewing machine!)




20 thoughts on “Wednesday Wanderings”

  1. It looks like a great vacation. I want to go hang out on that deck for a while. Thanks for sharing the ducklings and your paintings. Quite impressive. I’m sure your sewing machine is happy to have you back.

  2. The duck pic made me laugh, the lobster made me drool(I love lobster), and your watercolor made me envious! I have always wished I could paint. And the deck view made me sigh-ahh relaxation!

  3. that cabin looks like the perfect place to relax! I love the White Mt area and it has been years since I visited it. I bet it was nice to almost disconnect from the social media things – I know sometimes I try to but I don’t try hard enough – I have to do better – it has taken over our lifes.

  4. Welcome home Wendy!! What a fabulous trip. This is exactly how I like to be on vacation. Slow pace, gorgeous scenery, lots of walking and good food, and reading — lots of reading. Your watercolors are wonderful. You are so talented. Can’t wait to hear about the quilt shops you discovered. Did you find the one in Damariscotta (Or am I remembering incorrectly?)

  5. Love the photos! We so loved that area. That is a fantastic idea of painting some of the memories of your trip, and they are beautifully done.

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