WIP Week

This week has been a little less productive than last week, just continuing to stitch my WIPs. There have been trips to some local quilt shops to get fabric I needed and, of course, some that I maybe didn’t. Truly, though, I did behave myself pretty well.

I did get a little bit of designing done this week. I’m old school and really enjoy drawing my designs on graph paper. Hopefully you’ll see what I’ve come up with soon.


My primary work this week has been on a quilt for a friend with a superhero theme. No big progress to show you, but you can imagine that the quilt is colorful. Things are going well, and I’ve even used some of my superpowers to do some ripping.


I have managed to do a little organizing of my quilt cave. I reorganized my fabric shelves, which always ends up taking longer than I anticipate because I find fabrics and get distracted thinking about how to use them. Then I want to quit reorganizing and start on them, but I can’t because there is fabric. Everywhere. Good thing my space is small because I’m forced to finish the task before I can do any quilting.

A highlight of my week was the hubs finishing off the hallway by getting the closet doors installed.

IMG_3808 (1)

He made these — aren’t they amazing!?! I love them! My messy closet is no longer on display for all to see. And the cat didn’t take any more explorative tours, so things are good here. My scratches are healing nicely too.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show you next week. Keep on stitching, friends!



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  1. Your husband has done a good job with the cupboard doors. I’msure I’d be wasting a lot of time looking at them…

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