17 thoughts on “Doll Quilts”

  1. Doll quilts are so much fun to make. You’re right that they are good scrap busters, but they’re also good for practicing free motion quilting. There isn’t a lot invested in them in time or fabric, and so it’s not such a big deal if the quilting isn’t top notch. Also…kitties love them.

  2. Super little quilts, Wendy! I love that you made one boy and one girl piece. Using scraps from recent projects is such a good idea. I’m thinking I’ll use my scraps and orphan blocks for doll quilts instead of putting them on the backings. Best to not let them linger in the stash, too. I got rid of most of my poly batting that way, too 🙂

  3. So beautiful doll quilts. The girl quilt is so beautiful with the delicate wonderful fabrics, and the boy quilt was tough with fresh colors and the animals on. Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks for the nice comment you left.

  4. The doll quilts are lovely. I remember that lizard fabric. It’s finny how some stay in my head even if I didn’t buy them. I have a great idea….if it works I’ll let you know!

  5. These are great. Our university hospital asks for quilts just that size for stillborn quilts. The parents can take them home as a memento, or some choose to have their baby swaddled in the quilt for funeral purposes.

  6. Such sweet little quilts Wendy, I really like the boy quilt we tend to make more girly things don’t we? I will be making a doll quilt today, I’m hoping there is a UK address I can send them too otherwise I will be restricted as to how many I can send. You just reminded me I bought some Hobbs polyester wadding to practice FMQ and I havn’t even opened the pack yet, it will be perfect, and lighter than cotton off cuts too.

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