Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is my catchup to Throwback Thursday, so I can join in with Sandra’s linky party at Musings of a Menopausal Melon. She’s asking us to post quilts that we made before we were bloggers. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let me show you one of my batik quilts from way back.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, pattern by Judy Martin - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

When I first began quilting, I used batiks often because I enjoyed the way the fabrics blended together. I bought this fabric as a bundle, if I remember correctly. I cannot recall where I bought it, but it was a local quilt shop.

The pattern is called Thunderstruck and it’s from the book Piece’n’Play Quilts by Judy Martin. The book gives instructions for the blocks, then encourages playing with the arrangement until you come up with something you like. You can follow the suggested layouts in the book, or you can do your own thing.

I worked on this quilt at one of the first quilt retreats I ever went to. Late one night, I mustered up my courage to put my blocks up on a design wall. Putting blocks up on a design wall with no pattern to follow was intimidating enough. Then I heard a woman behind me say, “Is it supposed to look like that?” I just turned and smiled. I worked on it just a bit longer, then took down the blocks and went to bed. It makes me chuckle now; it wasn’t funny then.

I still like the bright colors and the way they play together.

Flashback Friday - block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

I took the quilt to Connie, and she used a swirly pattern with a varigated thread.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, block and quilting detail - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

For the back, I found a backing that was kind of homely on its own, but worked well with the quilt.

Flashback Friday - Thunderstruck Quilt, back view - piecefulthoughts.com 2018

The quilt is lap size, and perfect for snuggling under during a movie.

Linking up today with Sandra at MMM Quilts and Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!



13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday”

  1. Love this quilt! It’s funny how some of the comments from the peanut gallery are so intimidating to beginners. Good for you doing as you chose! I love that you did a Friday version. I’m a little behind this week, better next week I hope.

  2. I remember you telling me the story of the quilt, but I hadn’t seen it before. So is this the layout you had on the wall when she said that? I like it as it is different, and it has the modern feel-modern probably wasn’t popular then. Do you still go to retreats-don’t know that I have heard you mention them?

  3. Isn’t it awful how sometimes an offhand remark can just crush us? And we shouldn’t ever let it (I need to heed my own advice…) because this quilt–! I actually whispered aloud when I saw the first photo, “Oh I love that block!” I’ve done it once as a runner for my mum years ago but the blocks were set a specific way. Someone else did it on my quilt as a border on a round robin I was a part of, set as Delectable Mountains. The batiks are beautiful, and yes that backing is perfect. Thank you for linking up, and great story, so glad you didn’t put the blocks away, period. 🙂

  4. Oh I so love batiks, they blend beautifully and you used some great colours too. I do like the cushion in the pic, lovely.

  5. Isn’t this Linky party fun to share our tales with each other. And I apologize at least a hundred times for making that remark at the retreat, ha ha just joking, it wasn’t me, if it was, it would have been some fun bantering. I always loved batiks when I first started quilting and still have a stash of it. You chose a great pattern for the batiks; it is very soothing and relaxing, perfect for snuggling.

  6. Oh, I really like that mix of colors! Batiks are wonderful the way they swirl together. That block has lots of layout possibilities, doesn’t it?

    I can’t believe someone was witchy enough to say that to you!! Harumph. I wish I had been there to give her my narrowed eye disapproving look! REAL quilters are NICE. I’m glad you persisted 🙂

  7. Some people speak without thinking….I love your response, but feel bad you put your quilt away. Thank goodness you got it back out and finished it!! It looks great! I’m working on incorporating batiks in some of my own work. I love how saturated with color they look. Thanks for sharing your Flashback Friday quilt!

  8. I love the colours – it’s a lovely quilt. Some people don’t see colours well but you do – maybe that person didn’t.
    The first quilt I showed anyone outside of a class, that person said “oh dear!” And still I carry on…x

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