Mini Quilt Finish

Awhile ago, when I first joined our quilt group, we had a challenge where we picked a napkin with a design and made a quilt using the design on the napkin or colors in the napkin. I was told we didn’t need to copy the design exactly, but could use it as inspiration, which I did. I no longer have the napkin or my written description to show you, but I can tell you that my mini didn’t look at all like the napkin!

This little top has been languishing in my pile of WIPs until now. I have wanted to finish it just because I love the color and the fun I had designing it. All of the fabrics are from my stash.

Mini Quilt -

I decided to quilt it with freeform wavy lines with orange thread. I didn’t think too much about creating the waves, I just let them happen. I started by stitching wavy lines down the center of the quilt, then added additional wavy lines, spacing the wavy line pairs about 3-4″ from each other. Once that was done, I filled in more wavy lines between those until I felt it was done.

Mini Quilt Detail -

The colors are very bright orange and deep blues. It was a challenge to get a photo showing the intense color.

Mini Quilt Detail -

For the backing, I pulled out this bright batik.

Mini Quilt Back -

The binding is another piece of orange batik that I had in my stash.

Baby Quilt Update

I handed off one of the baby quilts today, with a request for some pictures in the baby’s nursery. It was a rainy morning yesterday and I wasn’t able to get any good pictures, even in natural light.

I will be delivering the other baby quilt this weekend, so I’m hoping the weather cooperates enough to let me get some good photos of that one beforehand.

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Happy Stitching!




9 thoughts on “Mini Quilt Finish”

  1. That’s a great little quilt and I love the quilting. Its funny that inspiration can lead us in very different paths from the original idea. I am wondering now what that napkin looked like!

  2. I like what you did here. The complementary colors of blue and orange are nice together. I’m thinkind of using orange on my scrub jay quilt for that reason, and it helps to see how it looks on your little quilt. Nice work.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I love, love, LOVE the colors in your mini quilt. I am partial to orange and you picked some beauties there. ~smile~

  4. Wonderful little mini – can’t believe you waited so long to finish it up! And finally you get to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  5. Pretty, far too nice to be in a WIP pile. I love batiks and the colours you used look wonderful.

  6. Yum! I love blue and orange together–the brighter the better. Your mini is wonderful and it so didn’t deserve sitting as a UFO for so long. The quilting is perfect and I need to remember it to use it on a quilt sometime.

    Gosh, don’t you hate light? I have to fight it all the time in my studio. I sure hope you get photos of both baby quilts and post them soon. I’ve got to make a baby quilt and I could use the inspiration. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

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