Pieceful Monday

Today I hope you are relaxing, enjoying a good book, laughing with family and friends, and soaking up some of the lovely sunshine.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in Texas, Oregon and Montana with flooding and forest fires, for those who have lost homes and belongings and for the safety of the firefighters and rescuers who are selflessly giving their time to help out.

Love those around you today, be generous with your hugs! I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Happy Labor Day!


9 thoughts on “Pieceful Monday”

  1. a lot of devastation going on around the US right now and now Irma is coming along – where will she go – don’t need it for sure!

      1. hope it doesn’t hit – I have family in Norfolk VA area and now and then they get it when comes in on the Atlantic side

  2. Thanks…hope you’re enjoying the day. There are a lot of fires burning in Oregon, for sure. Spent the morning checking on Montana since we’re driving into that area. Looks like things are clear where we’ll be, although the skies are smoky all over.

    1. We have smoky skies here today, although not like you’ve been having there. I could smell the fires in the air and it made my eyes sting and burn a bit.

  3. Well I’m reading this the day after labour day. Spent the morning lazing around with our daughter who was home for part of the weekend. In the afternoon we took her back to the big city and then visited my aunt. Also thinking about the hurricanes and fires. We’ve had terrible fires up here in Canada as well…in British Columbia and in Northern Manitoba. So many people displaced. I hope your daughter is o.k.

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